Interest Codes for Talks
G: General interest to all parents
B: Beginners and inquirers
L: Parents of struggling learners
Y: Parents of young children preschool to early elementary
O: Parents of older elementary age (may include middle school)
P: Parents of teens (and possibly teens)
D: Dads
M: Mom
T: Teens and alums

All 2018 Thrive! Conference Recordings on a 16GB Flash Drive

BG    Diane Allen, Basic Rules of a Record Retention: From Kindergarten to College
BG    Diane Allen, The DNPE, the Law and the Average Homeschool Family
M      Debbie Crawford and Joanna Giff, Restoring the Nest: Encouragement to Prioritize Your Relationship with Your
.        Children in a Single Parent Homeschool
DG   Shawn Curtis, Family Worship as a Cornerstone of Home Education
P      Andrea Daley, High School Smorgasbord: The Emotional
P      Andrea Daley, High School Smorgasbord: The Practical
TP    Bryan Davis, An Author’s Journey
G      Karen DeBeus, Bible Based Homeschooling: Building a Firm Foundation
G      Karen DeBeus, Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool
G      Karen DeBeus, Homeschool: Prepare for Life Not Just a Test
M      Karen DeBeus, Real Homeschool: Trading in Pinterest-Perfect for Real Life
G      Karen DeBeus, Simple Homeschool: Have Less Clutter and More Joy
G      Katie Dugdale, Creating a Culture of Homeschooling
G      Katie Dugdale, How Unschooling Saved Our Homeschool
YO   Jeff Ertzberger, 30 Tech Tools to Teach Reading, Writing and Literature
GT   Jeff Ertzberger, Protect Your Digital Presence—How to Keep Yourself and Your Identity Safe Online
GT    Mark Fox, How to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking
DT    Mark Fox, Time Management for Men: How to Get It All Done
Y      Tami Fox, Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers
B      Jessica Frierson, Homeschool How-Tos
B      Amanda Garner, 6 Steps to a Successful Start
M      Joanna Giff and Debbie Crawford, Restoring the Nest: Encouragement to Prioritize Your Relationship with Your
.        Children in a  Single Parent Homeschool
P      LeAnn Gregory, You Are Your Student’s Best Guidance Counselor
L      Eve Hullette, Teach Math to a Child with Learning Challenges
OP   Monica Irvine, Raising Our Boys to Be Gentlemen
OP   Monica Irvine, Raising Our Girls to Be Ladies
OP   Monica Irvine, Schedules—Helping Our Children to Be Happy
G      Andrew Kern, Why Should Christians Embrace Classical Education?
G      Dr. Kathy Koch, Focus Children’s Thinking to Increase Learning & Decrease Frustration
G      Dr. Kathy Koch, Frustrated, Perfectionistic Kids: Guiding and Changing Their Behavior
GT    Dr. Kathy Koch, How Are You (or Your Kids) Smart and Why Does it Matter?
G      Dr. Kathy Koch, Improve the Fruit by Identifying the Root
G      Dr. Kathy Koch, Instill Hope: Motivation Matters
G      Dr. Kathy Koch, Maximize the Genius Qualities in Your Children
TG    Dr. Kathy Koch, The Power Technology Has Over Character and Behavior
TP    Grayson Marshall, How to Go to College Debt-Free
G      Ronda Marshall, Choosing Curriculum
G      Ronda Marshall, Secrets of Endurance: Successful Co-ops and Tutorials
G      Debbie Mason, Avoiding Burnout
P      Debbie Mason, Homeschooling High School
P      Paul J. Maurer, Being a Big Fish in a Small Pond
G      Penny Mayes, Visualizing History, Increasing Reading Comprehension and Independent Learning Through Visuals
.        and Hands-on Projects
M      Dana McDill, Choosing Rest in the Midst of the Chaotic Fun of Homeschooling
M      Dana McDill, Losing Your Way on the Journey
GP    Matthew McDill, 10 Essential Topics for Discipling Your Children
GP    Matthew McDill, 9 Ways to Help Your Children Know God’s Will for Their Lives
GP    Marji McIlvaine, Foreign Language and Homeschooling, the Adventure Begins!
GB    Marji McIlvaine, NC Achievement Testing—Mystery No Longer!
P      Robert Nelson, NC Community College Opportunities for Homeschoolers
TP    Robert Nelson, Preparing for College in a Changing Secular Environment
GT    Steve Noble, Foundations of Freedom
G      Steve Noble, The Ugly Side of Homeschooling
GL    Danielle Papageorgiou, The Power of a Label
GT    Rhea Perry, 5 Home Business Projects that Teach Financial Literacy and Create Income
GT    Rhea Perry, Home Business 101: Education to Create Financial Freedom
GT    Sherri Seligson, A Scientist’s Showcase of Creatures That Defy Evolutionary Theory
M      Sherri Seligson, Am I Ruining My Children? What I Wish I Knew as a Homeschool Mom
P      Sherri Seligson, What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up? Giving Your Children a Vision for the Future
G      Sherri Seligson, When You Have a Child Who Is Not Driven
OP    Sherri Seligson, Why Teaching Science Is a Critical Part of Education (Even for Poets)
TG    John Stonestreet, Amusing Ourselves to Death: How to Handle a World of Entertainment
G      John Stonestreet, Four Cultural Shifts Parents Need to Understand and How to Navigate Them
G      John Stonestreet, How (Not) to Read the Bible: Handling the Scriptures with Our Children
TG    John Stonestreet, Marriage: Does It Even Matter Anymore?
PO    John Stonestreet, Preparing for the Talk: Preparing Students for This Sexually Broken World
TP    John Stonestreet, Right Answers Are Not Enough: Connecting Belief with Behavior
TG    John Stonestreet, Same Sex Marriage: Clear Thinking on a Controversial Issue
TG    John Stonestreet, What to Do with the Rest of Your Life: How to Determine God’s Will
GLT  Glenna Toney, Processing, Fluency, Automaticity and Working Memory
GT    Phil Tuttle, The Reality
GT    Phil Tuttle, The Parallels
GT    Phil Tuttle, The Generations
GT    Phil Tuttle, The Word
GT    Phil Tuttle, The Pillar
GT    Phil Tuttle, The Future
B      Amanda Wares, Help for New Homeschoolers
G      Jay Wile, Homeschooling: The Environment for Genius
YO    Jay Wile, Teaching Elementary Science Using History as a Guide
G      Jay Wile, What I Have Learned about Homeschooling Over the Past 22 Years
Y      Durenda Wilson, Unhurried Homeschooling: Why We Need to Slow Down
G      Durenda Wilson, Why You Don’t Need to Know Everything to Give Your Kids a Great Education
G      Todd Wilson, Choose the Hard Things
DT    Todd Wilson, Every Dad a Homeschooling Dad!
G      Todd Wilson, Get Real!
G      Todd Wilson, Irresistible Parenting
G      Todd Wilson, Raising Dangerous Sons in a Safe World
.        Todd Wilson, They Look to You (For Homeschool Group Leaders)
G      Todd Wilson, This, We Believe!
YB    Hal and Melanie Young, Homeschooling from the Beginning
O      Hal and Melanie Young, Parenting Pre-Teens
L       Hal and Melanie Young, Surviving Struggling to Read