This workshop will offer practical advice for parents and teens living in the digital age. Until a few years ago, most people never thought about their information online. Today, with more and more major companies having their information compromised, it seems that no one’s information is safe. This session will provide practical steps that parents and teens can take to protect passwords, home networks, personal information, banking information, online identity, social networking, educational searches, and more.

Jeffrey Ertzberger currently serves as a faculty member and director of technology in the Watson College of Education at UNC Wilmington where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in instructional design and instructional technology. A former public school teacher, Jeff has been a featured speaker at regional, national and international conferences. His unique experiences and personality allow him to present sometimes complex technologies in ways that are understandable and fun! As an elder at New Hanover Church and a homeschool father of three, Ertzberger sees the needs of parents in the homeschool and is able to take his knowledge of technology to find ways to make teaching any subject easier and more effective.

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