Family worship takes place when the household breaks from the routines of normal daily life and gathers together for a time of deliberate and purposeful worship of God; it’s the cornerstone of education in our household.

Shawn Curtis is a Christian, husband, father and elder at Antioch Community Church in Elon, NC. He is from Rochester, NY, and married his best friend, Sara, when they were nineteen years old. They now have a small family of seven children. Shawn joined the U.S. Navy shortly after his eightteenth birthday. After graduating from Auburn University with a BS in chemistry, he was commissioned and served as a submarine warfare officer. The best and most challenging days of his twelve-year naval career were spent underway onboard the USS Nevada. Shawn values and practices the spiritual disciplines of memorizing and praying through Scripture, and tries to daily live by a treasured maxim of his own father: Steward each day with your eyes on that Day (see 1 Peter 1:13).

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