Many people are fearful of the DNPE, but there is nothing to fear. DNPE’s motto is: We make true school choice possible by serving and supporting the non-public school community. Another way they serve and support is by answering questions about homeschool law and administrative policy. In fact, some days they answer 300 questions! You probably have some questions yourself. With her experience as the past director, Diane Allen will discuss the legal requirements and policy for homeschools and answer common (and not so common) questions while demystifying the department and alleviating your concerns.

Diane Allen is the first veteran homeschooler to serve on the DNPE staff. After homeschooling for twenty-three years, running a support group, building a testing business, speaking at conferences and teaching online and in-person classes, she served the homeschool community as the director of the Division of Non-Public Education until recently. She is alternately mourning the last child being away at school with learning to enjoy the empty nest, and being super-cool Greema to her four grandchildren. With her experience as the DNPE director, she offers insights on the official side of homeschooling and answers questions about the function of the DNPE in her two workshops.

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