First Steps in Homeschooling

Starting the Journey

Welcome to the community of those who are engaging in a time-honored practice: the education of the children under their care.  We go by a variety of names, each revealing a little nuance in how we understand education to work, but we are largely called homeschoolers or home educators.

Deciding and preparing to homeschool can be an overwhelming process. Although North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) cannot make this process easy, we will give you a good start. NCHE recommends 4 steps to get started:

Step 1: Decide

In this section, we will explore the big decision of whether to homeschool. What are the reasons that would inspire someone to choose to homeschool their children?

Step 2: Open Your School

What is the process and the legal requirements of opening a school in NC.

Step 3: Connect

Associating with other like-minded homeschoolers is crucial to the health of your homeschool experience. There are many different ways to make these associations such as local groups, state-wide groups, national groups and those groups which are divided more by interest or philosophy.

Step 4: Determine Approach

Now that you have decided to homeschool, opened your school and made some connections with others, you need to determine what approach you will use in your homeschool.