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North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) was founded in 1984 by parents in order to secure the right to homeschool their children. NCHE advanced legislation that has made it easier for families to home educate in North Carolina. As a result of our vigilance, North Carolina is a great place to homeschool!

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A New Show Just for Homeschoolers

by Matthew McDill, September 2021 We are excited to announce the debut of our brand new weekly program: The Homeschool Show. The show will be available via radio (WSIC), podcast, and video. The first episode will be available this coming Monday, Sept...

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2021 Scholarship Recipients

Since 1998, NCHE has awarded scholarships to deserving North Carolina homeschooled high school seniors. In that time, we have been blessed with support and donations from homeschool families and organizations and have been able to award more than $163,000. This year, the judges selected seven outstanding students. First, the recipient of the Molly Nichols Memorial...

As Homeschooling Grows, Do Children Need More Protection?

On July 20, 2020, Jane R. Wettach wrote an article for NC Policy Watch, As homeschooling grows, children need protection. She writes, “A new report from Duke Law School makes a modest proposal focused on the few homeschooled children whose educational needs are not being met by their parents. Protecting Homeschoolers recommends that ‘educational neglect’ be included...

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From the beginning of NCHE, joining NCHE and becoming a member has been a way that someone shows support of homeschooling in NC and the ministry of NCHE. Anyone who supports homeschooling can join with a donation of five dollars or more. The only other requirement is “a family or household member who homeschools must be in compliance with their existing state law.

NCHE Leadership

NCHE is governed by a board of directors. This board is composed of volunteers who fill one of the 12 designated positions each with a different role. Working with the board, NCHE has several volunteer positions: regional liaisons, multicultural liaisons, and committee members. It takes a lot of work with many hands to accomplish the ministry of NCHE.

NCHE Regions

In order to better coordinate, NCHE divides the state into nine regions. Each region has an assigned number and regional liaison (RL). These RLs are here to answer your questions and to help you find groups and resources in your area. To find out more about your region look under the Community section.