This seminar is a condensed version Grayson’s book, Knock Out College. He starts by discussing the problem with student debt in America and transitions into the solution. He discusses his experience applying to and testing out of college as well as the time and monetary benefits. He uses his personal stories as well as some of others who have experienced the same issues. We’ll also do a side by side comparison of traditional public and private college costs to programs like Lumerit and Unbound to his process of doing it yourself. At the end, there will be a short Q&A.

Grayson Marshall is a homeschool student of twelve years and is now in college. As he approached college education, he knew he wanted to stay out of debt and have more freedom. After searching for an answer, he was able to get thirty-three college credits in ninety days for only $700 a semester! (He also never went to a class.) After this, he wrote a short book on how others could do the same. Now, he wants to help present this information to you!

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