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33  HSLDA Attorney Mike Donnelly, New Homeschooling Statistics, Raising Christian Leaders 
  • Homeschool News: Thrive! Conference registration, kids & teens activities; new statistics on homeschool growth.
  • Homeschool Conversations: We listen to a conversation Matthew had with Mike Donnelly, HSLDA attorney and featured speaker at the Thrive! Homeschool Conference.
  • Homeschool Tip of The Week: How to raise exceptional Christian leaders
  • Homeschool Reality Moment: One mom tells us why she loves the Thrive! Homeschool Conference.

One of the segments of The Homeschool Show is called Homeschool Reality Moment. This segment will show video clips of parents sharing stories and experiences from their homes that are funny, moving, and inspiring. If you’d like to submit a video, please record your video horizontally (not the normal way you hold your phone). We want videos about 1 to 3 minutes long. It could be just a video of you telling a story of something that happened or a conversation you had. It could be a project idea or homeschool hack that you show through the video. Remember to keep it real. Don’t forget that this will also be shared as a podcast, so be sure you are giving narration as you show something. You can see the kinds of videos we’ve shown so far on this YouTube playlist. Send your videos to or upload them by clicking on the button below.

32  Pat McCrory’s views on home education, Thrive! Registration, Homeschooling while working
  • Homeschool Conversations: Today we talk with former NC governor Pat McCrory and find out his views on home education. 
  • Homeschool News: Preregistration for the Thrive! Conference is ending in less than two weeks! 
  • Homeschool Tip of The Week: We hear a few Lessons Learned along the Way from experienced homeschool mom Ronda Marshall.
  • Homeschool Reality Moment: Mayda Alterman shares how she homeschools while working full time from home using some cool, free technology. 
31  Natalie Vecchione and FASD, NC Candidates, Homeschooling Special Needs
  • Homeschool Conversations: Today we talk with Natalie Vecchione about fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and homeschooling special needs. 
  • Homeschool News: NCHE asks three questions of the candidates for the NC House of Representatives, for the NC Senate, for the NC Court of Appeals and for the NC Supreme Court.
  • Homeschool News: Hotel rooms for THRIVE! Homeschool Conference.
  • Homeschool Tip of The Week: Tips for homeschooling special needs.
  • Homeschool Reality Moment: Megan Gramer tells us why she loves NCHE.
30  Derek & Cheryl Carter, More State Oversight Needed?
      29  US Senate Candidate Mark Walker, Homeschooling in VA and Nigeria
      • Homeschool Conversations: Today we talk with Mark Walker, who is running for the US Senate seat from NC, and find out his views on home education. 
      • Homeschool News: Homeschooling in Virginia and Nigeria
      • Homeschool Reality Moment: Anderson Elam tells us why the Thrive! Homeschool Conference is so important to her.

      28  Rachael Carman, Tips for Parenting, Thrive! Conference

      27  Family Devotions, Thrive! Conference, Homeschooling in OK and GA. 
      • Homeschool Conversations: We talk with Glenn Ransom, creator of Bible in Stories and one of our workshop speakers at the Thrive! Conference.
      • Homeschool News: We discuss some features of the upcoming Thrive! Conference [Talent Show and Multicultural Connections], and homeschool news from Georgia and Oklahoma.

      26  Rep. Ted Budd, More on DNPE’s Report to Joint Oversight Committee

      • Homeschool Conversations: We ask Ted Budd, who is running for US Senate from NC, what he thinks about home education. 
      • Homeschool News: We’ll tell you more about DNPE’s report to the NC Joint Legislative Oversight Committee; we’ll respond to the article An Education Free for All; we’ll also tell you how you can get a free conference registration.
      • Homeschool Reality Moment: Jessica will share a tip for helping young students learn to write their letters.  

        25  Dr. Jeff Myers, DNPE Record Review Meetings and Report to Joint Oversight Committee

          24  Required Annual Testing, Avoiding Burnout, Bills in VA and WV

          • Homeschool News: Homeschool bills being considered in VA and WV; Transportation Museum field trip
          • Homeschool Conversations: We hear from two of our NCHE board members about required annual homeschool testing
          • Homeschool Tip of The Week: How to avoid homeschool burnout. 
          • Homeschool Reality Moment: Hope Diaz and her two daughters will show us some simple, inexpensive projects they’ve done (with Spanish translation!).

            23  Required Annual Testing, Graduation, Conference