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Episode 46   NCHE Board Retreat, Letting Students Participate in Educational Choices 
  • Homeschool News: We discuss the newly published statistics of homeschool families in NC and we let you know what is going on here at the retreat.
  • Homeschool Conversations: We introduce you to some of our board members and liaisons and get some fantastic homeschooling advice from them. 
  • Homeschool Tip of The Week: We talk with Amanda Wares, our NCHE homeschool helps director. She shares with us the importance of giving your students some choices in the home education process. 

One of the segments of The Homeschool Show is called Homeschool Reality Moment. This segment will show video clips of parents sharing stories and experiences from their homes that are funny, moving, and inspiring. If you’d like to submit a video, please record your video horizontally (not the normal way you hold your phone). We want videos about 1 to 3 minutes long. It could be just a video of you telling a story of something that happened or a conversation you had. It could be a project idea or homeschool hack that you show through the video. Remember to keep it real. Don’t forget that this will also be shared as a podcast, so be sure you are giving narration as you show something. You can see the kinds of videos we’ve shown so far on this YouTube playlist. Send your videos to or upload them by clicking on the button below.

45   Parental Rights, Dr. Kathy Koch, Single Parent Homeschooling
  • Homeschool News: We look at a survey asking for people’s views on parental rights.
  • Homeschool Conversations: Matthew talks with Dr. Kathy Koch from Celebrate Kids and Te’Essence talks with an experienced, Hispanic homeschool mom who deals with the challenges of working and being a single parent.  
  • Homeschool Tip of The Week: Practical Tips on how to start the new school year. 


    44  Creative Thinking, Mike Donnelly, Planning for the New School Year
    43  Season 1 Highlights: Jeff Myers, Parenting Tips, Morning Sounds
    42  Season 1 Highlights: Rebecca Spooner, When your kids ask “Why?”
    • Homeschool Conversations: Rebecca Spooner, creator of Gather Round Homeschool
    • Homeschool Tip of The Week: Give real answers when your kids ask, “Why?”
    • Homeschool Reality Moment: A homeschool family shows us how they get their day started by remembering what their purpose is.
    41 Season 1 Highlights: Homeschooling Among Black Families, NCHE’s Multicultural Liaisons
    40  Season 1 Highlights: Social Workers at Your Door, the Homeschool Difference 
    • Homeschool News: Today we will listen to an interview with Dan Beilsly, HSLDA attorney, tell us about a case in which social workers got a court order to inspect the home based on an anonymous tip.
    • Homeschool News: Season 2 of The Homeschool Show starts August 1st. 
    • Homeschool Tip of The Week: Do not replicate public school at home.
    • Homeschool Reality Moment: Melanie, who shares a great idea for keeping the communication flowing with your kids.
    39  Season 1 Highlights: Spiritual Legacy, Military Families
    • Homeschool Tip of Week: Keep your spiritual legacy in view.
    • Homeschool Conversations: Matthew talks with Natalie Mack, who serves military families with the Home School Legal Defense Association. We’ll hear about some of the special needs that military homeschool families face.
    • Homeschool Reality Moment: See an amazing house built out of popsicle sticks! 
    Episode 38 – Andrew Pudewa, the Writing Process, and the Power of Memorization
    • Homeschool News: We tell you about the wonderful team who leads North Carolinians for Home Education and how we’ve just started a new year for the board and liaisons. 
    • Homeschool Conversations: We listen to two more segments of a conversation that Matthew had with Andrew Pudewa, founder of Institute for Excellence in Writing.   
    • Homeschool Tip of The Week: We have two tips for you this week: First we discuss some ideas for teaching your children how to write and then we talk about the importance of teaching your children how to memorize Scripture.
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        Episode 37  –  Andrew Pudewa, Writing, the Importance of Reading Aloud

        • Homeschool News: We give you an update on how the 2022 Thrive! Homeschool conference went and let you know how to get a hold of the audio recordings.  
        • Homeschool Conversations: Wel listen to two segments of a conversation Matthew had with Andrew Pudewa, founder of   
        • Homeschool Tip of The Week: We have two tips for you today: First we will talk about some ideas and resources for reading aloud to your children, and then we will talk about the importance of the spiritual growth of mom and dad in the home. 
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