From kindergarten through high school, foreign language study can be an effective and fun part of your homeschool. Marji will discuss foreign language teaching (and learning) methods to help you choose curriculum—an educated choice can help you avoid expensive mistakes. We will talk about the common questions homeschoolers have: What should you look for in a curriculum? What level of proficiency can you expect? Is my kindergartner too young? What about high school credit? Why isn’t my child speaking the language? Come learn about a revolutionary approach then make your choices, go home and have fun with your kids!

Marjorie H. McIlvaine and husband, Rick, homeschooled for twenty-six years and in four states and are now officially retired as homeschool parents. All six of their children have graduated from homeschooling. Two are college graduates, one is in business management, and the other three are in college and working and volunteering in their church. Marji’s heart is to encourage other parents in the homeschool journey. She is on the board of Henderson County Homeschool Association, administers the Woodcock-Johnson test in WNC, teaches homeschoolers with BBC tutorials and Classical Scholars and has a passion for foreign languages, science, writing, history and all of God’s incredible creation!

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