Let’s Get Started:
How to Begin Homeschooling in NC

Two experienced homeschool moms that are on the North Carolinians for Home Education board answer the most important questions about getting started.

Some of the questions they will be answering:

  • Am I qualified to teach my children?
  • What are the legal requirements in NC?
  • How do I select curriculum?
  • Where can I find support and resources in NC?
  • What about socialization?
  • How do I open my homeschool in NC?

Laying a Good Foundation:
Homeschooling Little Ones

(Including an interview with Durenda Wilson!)


As parents of young children (ages birth through 7 or 8 ), we want to give our children the best possible start in life. There is pressure to get started early with academics because we are told that this is the best way to give them this best start, but what do the studies show about the best way to teach young children? Debbie Mason (NCHE Events Director) and Amanda Wares (NCHE Helps Director) will share their experience and what they have learned. They will then interview Durenda Wilson on this critical topic.

Homeschooling High School

You will hear from two veteran homeschool moms who have been speaking and helping parents homeschool high school for many years. They answer these critical questions:

  • Why homeschool high school?
  • Am I able to do this?
  • What is the law and how does it apply in high school?
  • What courses are normally taken and how do I accomplish them?
  • How do I create a transcript?
  • What if I plan sending my teen back to school next year?


Preparing for College:
Practical Help for Parents and Teens


As our teens enter high school, it is time to prepare for what comes next. In this webinar, we will focus on best practices in preparing for college throughout high school and the college application process.

Debbie Mason, Diane Helfrich, and Amanda Wares, three of our NCHE board members who have successfully sent their children to college, will share what they have learned. We will have a Q&A time with the panelists at the end of the webinar.

Learn more and register here.


Required Annual Homeschool
Testing Webinar

The state of North Carolina requires homeschool parents to give their children a nationally standardized test each year. Here are common questions that many homeschool parents are asking:

  • What exactly does NC law require regarding testing?
  • What tests are commonly used by NC homeschoolers?
  • Where do I get tests?
  • How do I pick the right test?
  • What if I’m trying to test a special needs student?

Two experience moms and homeschool leaders, Debbie Mason and Amanda Wares answer all these questions and more! Go here to register.

Pulling Your Hair Out?
Homeschool Solutions for
Scheduling, Motivating Your Kids,
& Curriculum Frustrations

You are probably experiencing some of the common frustrations all homeschooling parents encounter. Longtime homeschool parents from the North Carolinians for Home Education board share with you some solutions to these frustrations from their years of home education experience. 



Embracing Ethnic Diversity in Homeschooling:
A Conversation

More families are homeschooling than ever before. As the homeschooling community grows, it is also becoming more diverse. Families are coming from different ethnic, racial, and linguistic backgrounds. They have unique experiences and goals for home education. In order for NCHE to help all families homeschool with confidence and joy, we want to welcome all kinds of families into our community and work to understand and address the unique needs they may be facing.

The purpose of this webinar is to put out the welcome mat and understand these unique needs. Matthew McDill, NCHE’s executive director, talks with Te’Essence Mack and Luz Velázquez, two homeschool moms from different ethnic backgrounds.

Discipleship at Home

More than anything else, Christian parents desire for their children to have a dynamic personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In this webinar, we will talk about the foundations, some practical strategies, and suggested content for discipleship at home. Matthew McDill, NCHE executive director, will guide us through this discussion, answering the following questions.
– How do parents transition from discipline (external motivation) to discipleship (internal motivation)?
– How do parents build a strong relationship with their children?
– What are some basic strategies for discipleship?
– What topics should parents discuss when discipling their children

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Homeschooling Dads:
An Honest Conversation
with Todd Wilson

Most of the time mom is the one who handles the homeschooling. But as you probably know, Dad’s role is crucial to the overall success of the homeschool endeavor and the spiritual growth and focus of the family.

So let’s have an honest conversation about what we struggle with and how we can choose to grow in faithfulness and obedience to our God given role as leaders in our home.

We talk with an experienced homeschool dad (and author and speaker) Todd Wilson. Todd addresses head on the challenges and failures of being a husband, dad, and homeschool principal. Set this hour aside to be intentional about your role and get some wisdom and encouragement. Sign up to view the recording.

Teaching Writing
Interview with Andrew Pudewa

Join us for the premiere of our interview with Andrew Pudewa at a Facebook Watch Party. Afterward the interview, we’ll go live with Andrew so he can answer some of your questions. We had a fantastic conversation about how to teach writing, the importance of literature, and how children learn most effectively. If you’d like an email reminder ahead of time, please go here.



Our Interview with Steve Demme


Steve Demme is the founder and creator of Math-U-See, Demme Learning, and Building Faith Families. Steve will be a featured speaker at the 2021 Thrive! The NCHE Homeschool Conference!

In this interview, we discussed teaching math, raising special needs children, family communication and relationships, and more!





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