Diane Allen, past DNPE director, actively homeschooled for twenty-three years and graduated three students into college. Imagine her surprise when she learned that she had made several common mistakes in maintaining her students’ valuable homeschool records. In this workshop, she shares her mistakes and how you can prevent future complications. (Note: We are seeing a trend towards basic high school records being required during the hiring process many years after the high school graduation, even for those with college degrees. You must prepare now for this future requirement so your graduate is not caught off guard)

Diane Allen currently works as an educational consultant, speaker and writer after homeschooling for 23 years, serving the homeschool community and serving as a past director of the DNPE (2016-2018). Having been a classroom science teacher, a homeschool mom, support group leader, test administrator and director of a government agency, she has a broad view of educational issues. She and her husband graduated three children from homeschool, serve at their church and generally enjoy the benefits of being grandparents.

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