Have you ever wondered how in the world you can cover everything in order to give your kids a great education? What if you aren’t particularly good at math or writing? Guess what? It doesn t really matter. All you need are some basic tools in your homeschooling tool box, and you’ll be on your way!

Durenda Wilson has been homeschooling for over 23 years and is a mom of 8 (born 1991-2004). She has graduated 5, and 3 are still at home. She’s been married to Darryl for 29 years, and they have 6 grandkids. Durenda is convinced that home educating is an incredible blessing but only if we don’t let it hold us hostage to unnecessary expectations and notions of what it “should” look like. The heart of her message is to encourage families to think outside the box and take time to enjoy this amazing journey. She firmly believes that children are naturally curious, and if parents keep things simple and unhurried, their kids will become lifelong learners. Durenda has written The Unhurried Homeschooler, a simple, mercifully short book on homeschooling and Unhurried Grace for a Mom’s Heart-31 days in God’s Word. She is the owner/host on her podcast (Durenda Wilson) and blog, durendawilson.

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