Homeschooling Helps:
An Overview

This section of the website will answer many of your questions about homeschooling. This sections includes:

Free Webinars

NCHE has produced several webinars to equip homeschoolers, including Let’s Get Started: How to Begin Homeschooling in NC, Laying a Good Foundation: Homeschooling Little Ones, Homeschooling High School, Preparing for College, Required Annual Homeschool Testing, Pulling Your Hair Out? Homeschool Solution for Scheduling, Motivated Your Kids, & Curriculum Frustrations, Embracing Ethnic Diversity in Homeschooling, and more.


First Steps

If you are a new homeschooler and want to know where to start, this section is for you. We break it down into 4 steps.


Nuts and Bolts

This section is designed to help you with the tools that you need to homeschool.


High School

We have a whole section devoted to helping with the challenging task of homeschooling the high schooler.
Click on the link above to find answers to these questions and more:

  • What is the homeschool law related to high school?
  • What curriculum is available?
  • What courses do they need to take?
  • What about driver’s ed?
  • How do I document their achievements? How do I make a transcript?
  • What are the college admissions tests?
  • What do they need to graduate and how do I issue a diploma?
  • How do I apply for an NCHE scholarship?
  • What homeschool honor societies are available in NC?
  • How do I transfer my homeschooled high schooler to a public school?


Special Needs Homeschooling

If you are looking for answers and resources as you homeschool a special needs student, this page will provide some needed information.

Home education provides a safe, nurturing atmosphere which has been proven to enhance learning. Many parents find that homeschooling offers numerous benefits for their child with special needs. Homeschooling also can offer much more flexibility to teach to their child’s strengths than what is found in a public school setting.


Moving to NC

If you are a homeschooler and have just moved to North Carolina, this section will help you know what to do in NC to be legal. Every state has its own laws.