Special Needs Homeschooling

Home education provides a safe, nurturing atmosphere which has been proven to enhance learning. Many parents find that homeschooling offers numerous benefits for their child with special needs. Homeschooling also can offer much more flexibility to teach to their child’s strengths than what is found in a public school setting.

Children with special needs, including ADD/ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and other situations, can thrive in a homeschool environment. Parents find that support and encouragement from other parents and organizations goes a long way towards a successful home education experience. 

Homeschooling itself can be an overwhelming experience when you first begin the journey. The term “special needs” has so many facets that it is not possible to give a one-size-fits-all answer that would benefit every special needs family. There is no standard curriculum. However, NCHE offers advocacy and support to families who are homeschooling children with special needs.


Can I homeschool my special needs child in NC?

Families who have children with special needs have the same right to homeschool in North Carolina as families who have children with typical learning abilities. Individuals with special needs are not required to attend public school. Individualized attention—as well as the security of the home environment—often allows children to progress faster and further than they would in a special needs classroom.  

Do we still have to test if we have a special needs child?

Yes. There are no exceptions or special provisions in the NC homeschool law for children with any kind of special need.  However, it is helpful to remember that there is no requirement in the law for testing a child in a particular grade level – you may test them at the grade level you believe most appropriate.  There are also tests geared specifically for special needs students – the Woodcock Johnson and the Brigance are two of these. 

What about an IEP? 

HSLDA Article: “What’s an SEP / IEP / ISP? And how can it help me homeschool my child with special needs?”