As a homeschooler, there are many curriculum options to choose from. On this page we hope to help you in your search. Below is a list of curricula and resources available to use in your homeschool. If you are looking for curriculum for high school, go to the Curriculum page in the High School Section. A great place to get a look at curriculum and materials is at NCHE’s Thrive! Conference which is held annually in the spring.

For a more detailed and comprehensive description we refer you to the book: Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, by Cathy Duffy; Website:

Complete Programs

ABeka (traditional)
Alpha Omega (traditional)
Switched on Schoolhouse (traditional)
Bob Jones University Press (traditional)
Calvert – the whole curriculum in a box (traditional)
Christian Light – An open-and-go, self-directed curriculum. Popular subjects are reading, language arts, and math.
Konos – activity based unit studies
My Father’s World – incorporates ideas from Charlotte Mason, classical education and unit studies with a biblical perspective
Sonlight – versatile, can tend to Charlotte Mason method, unit studies, and is eclectic in nature – The whole package with teacher directions; a literature-based approach
Tapestry of Grace – history, Bible, literature, writing with detailed instructions (a classical approach through a directed unit study method)

Math Curricula

A+ Tutorsoft Math (computer software and online option), self-correcting, instructional
Math Mammoth – (K– 8 pre-algebra) worksheets with instruction; available as a book, download or CD; complete curriculum by grade or topical supplemental
Math U See – (K –precalc) manipulative based, complete program, somewhat different sequence
Teaching Text Books – begins at third grade – computer instruction with worktext
Miquon Math – K – 3 Inexpensive manipulative concept driven instruction emphasizes mathematical patterns and relationships rather than pre-set formulas and methods.
Math Essentials workbooks with examples and instructional videos on CD.  A complete course, or a refresher.
Life of Fred Inexpensive and engaging, each text is written in the style of a novel with a humorous story line.
Singapore Math (K – 6) Also known as Primary Mathematics, this is the original math curriculum that put Singapore at the top of international math tests.
Singapore Math Dimensions (PreK – 5th grade) is a refreshed, accessible Singapore Math program that aligns with Common Core standards and uses workbooks and textbooks.

Language Arts

Learning Language Arts through Literature (Charlotte Mason approach)
Language Lessons for Little Ones, Language Lessons for the Very Young, Language Lessons for the Elementary Child, Language Lessons for the Secondary Child, Language Lessons for the High School Student (Charlotte Mason approach)
Easy Language Lessons
Easy Grammar and Easy Writing (non-graded worktexts)
First Language Lessons (classical approach, consumable worktext)
Design-A-Study, Comprehensive Comprehension, Natural Speller – multi-grade level master instruction books,
Spelling Workout
Spelling Power
All About Learning Press – spelling and early elementary reading
Alphaphonics  (simplified phonics)
Phonics Pathways
Critical Thinking Press Reading Detective


Write Shop: elementary through middle school
Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)
Writing Strands
WORLD  magazine writing


Beautiful Feet
Tapestry of Grace
Greenleaf Press materials (see their catalog)
Memoria Press – classical history resources, with some science
Truthquest History – (Charlotte Mason, unit study)


Apologia – elementary through high school
Rainbow Science – elementary through high school
Critical Thinking Press
Christian Kids Explore ________ (Chemistry, Biology, etc.)
TOPS Science modules
Janice Van Cleave Science for Every Kid Series
The Backyard Scientist series
REAL Science

Visions Virtual Math & Science Center
US Army Recruiting