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We help parents homeschool with confidence and joy.

We want you to be a part of our homeschool family. One of the best ways you can do that is by becoming a member of NCHE. We serve all homeschoolers, but members receive the very BEST information, resources, mentoring, opportunities, and discounts. You can homeschool with confidence and joy!

We have two levels of membership. See which one best fits your budget. If you would love to be a member, but the fee is a burden for your family, you may apply for a Discounted Membership.

If you don’t need a membership, or if you want to support NCHE above your membership, you can donate here.

  • One (1) free 30 minute online mentor session with one of NCHE’s trained, experienced mentors. [$30 value]
  • Print copy of the GREENHOUSE magazine mailed to you 3x a year.
  • A monthly members’ email containing inside information and exclusive resources and discounts.
  • Early access to registration for NCHE field trips.
  • The opportunity to participate in our members only high school graduation ceremony.
  • The opportunity to purchase a high school diploma with the NCHE seal, president’s signature, and a cover with the NCHE logo.
  • The opportunity to apply for NCHE student scholarships.
  • Special discounts for:

Institute for Excellence in Writing
Unbound’s Ascend Program
HSLDA Online Academy
Glory to Glory Fitness
HSLDA Membership
Chess Workshop

  • All the benefits, opportunities, and discounts included in level one.
  • Three (3) free 30 minute online mentor sessions with one of NCHE’s trained, experienced mentors. [$90 value]
  • A bundle of five (5) audio recordings from the 2022 Thrive! Homeschool Conference.  You get to choose from one of four bundle options that fits your homeschooling needs: new homeschoolers, elementary, high school, and special needs. ($25 value)