Sports: Athletic Commission (NCHEAC)

It is a goal of NCHE to provide homeschool athletes with the opportunity to participate on a high school level team similar to what they could experience if in a private or public school. To that end, we established North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Commission (NCHEAC). NCHEAC operates under NCHE to provide leagues and tournaments in the traditional high school sports.


Our homeschool teams consist of only homeschooled athletes and are primarily coached by homeschool parents, many of whom have high school and/or college experience. We follow the rules of the National Federation of State High Schools Association ( and have a level of competitiveness found on many school teams while preserving a high level sportsmanship . We have a level of competition which exceeds recreational sports but does not place undue travel demands on families involved with “travel ball” teams.



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Athletic Commissioner Ernie Hodges

Ernie Hodges and his wife, Iris, served on the NCHE board for twenty years and homeschooled their three children from birth through their college days and are now actively teaching life skills to their five grandchildren. Ernie is the state commissioner for the NCHE Athletic Commission and administrates the North Carolina Homeschool Leagues and post season tournaments in baseball, boys/girls basketball, boys/girls soccer, volleyball, girls, golf, cross country and swimming. He is a strong proponent of homeschoolers obtaining scholarships to continue their athletics in college as well.