In 1957, psychologist Dr. Harold McCurdy investigated the lives of twenty well-known geniuses. He wanted to find out if there was something about their childhoods that made them become geniuses. In the end, he found three things that all of them had in common while growing up. What’s fascinating is that these three elements are typically present in the lives of modern homeschooled children. In this talk, Dr. Wile will present the details of the study and its conclusions, and he will give anecdotes and practical advice that will help you incorporate these elements into your homeschooling experience.

Dr. Jay Wile holds an earned PhD in nuclear chemistry and a BS in chemistry from the University of Rochester. He has won several awards for excellence in teaching and is an internationally-known speaker and has presented lectures on the topics of nuclear chemistry, Christian apologetics, homeschooling and creation vs. evolution in several countries. He is best known for his award-winning K-12 science textbooks designed specifically for the homeschool. Dr. Wile and his wife of more than 30 years, Kathleen, homeschooled their daughter, Dawn, from the time they adopted her until she graduated high school. Dawn is a Butler University graduate and owns a speciality shipping company (Paws Logistics) with her husband, James. You can learn about Dr. Wile’s curriculum at

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