After fourteen of homeschooling, our family has been through plenty of ups and downs. Many (if not most) of us had visions of a loving, peaceful and focused homeschool environment where we made music, arts, crafts and beautiful memories together—only to find out that achieving a homeschool “Nirvana” was a lot more difficult than we could have imagined. I take an open and brutally honest look at seven of the biggest heart challenges in homeschooling and what the Bible offers us in terms of hope. The seven areas are: human depravity, peer pressure, perfectionism, anger, sibling strife, burnout and faith.

Steve Noble is the host of The Steve Noble Show (formally Called2Action Radio) which ihas been heard across NC since 2007 and nationally syndicated since 2015. He is the teacher of Foundations of Freedom (in-person and now online), a constitution/civics course for high school homeschoolers. He is the director of national mobilization for Harvest America, a nationwide evangelistic outreach featuring pastor and evangelist, Greg Laurie. Steve and his wife Gina have been married for twenty-five-years and have four children. They have been homeschooling since 2002.

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