Parents work hard presenting information, practicing, reviewing and repeating, yet, the student seems not to remember how to complete a task. Parents think, we just did this last week. Or, the student can complete the academic task, but it takes hours to complete one lesson. Parents think, we will never get all of this work done. Parents become frustrated and concerned; students become frustrated and discouraged. Everyone is upset, and it is time to take a break. Sound familiar? Glenna will review issues involving visual and auditory processing, the importance of fluency and automaticity and the need for working memory.

Glenna Toney is the owner of Smoky Mountain Academic Resources and Training (SMART). She is a NC certified teacher, has a B.A. in elementary education, taught public school in NC for eleven years, has testing experience with the Woodcock Johnson since 2003, has experience teaching and testing all levels of learners and works with all students. She has graduated five homeschool students. She is a member of the NCHE athletic committee, a homeschool volleyball coach and a professional volleyball official.

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