Volunteer: Serve with NCHE

Do you have a passion for home education? If so, then NCHE may be just the place for you to employ your talents and serve homeschoolers! There is a lot of work to be done and we need a lot of help to do it.

Here are just some of the ways you can serve:

  • Write for GREENHOUSE Magazine—If you are interested in contributing an article to GREENHOUSE, contact our GREENHOUSE editor at greditor@nche.com. We are open to any content that would be interesting and helpful to the homeschoolers of NC.
  • Speak or volunteer at our annual conference—The annual conference takes a tremendous amount of work to accomplish. To apply to speak, fill out the speaker application that will go on our website in early November. If you would like to volunteer for the many other needs, you can fill out the volunteer form that will be on the conference website in March.
  • Serve as a board member, either in a state-wide office or as a regional liaison—If you would like to be a part of our board, contact community relations director at community@nche.com.
  • Join the Alum League—If you are a homeschool alum who is for home education, this is the group for you. There are several areas in which we see how our homeschool alums could aid us in our mission. It may be as small as giving us your input or as large as helping out at the conference. Email nche@nche.com to add your name to the list.

If you are interested in being a part of the NCHE volunteer team, please submit this form.

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