When Katie’s daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor, her family was uprooted and sent 500 miles away to St. Jude Hospital. Upon arrival, she encountered a chatty mom who said she should put her other kids in school because homeschool and cancer are just too hard. Thankfully, she had been gradually adopting an unschooling approach to school. The flexibility that unschooling allows saved her homeschool. It equipped her children to flourish in an impossible situation. She will share practical steps to deconstructing a classroom mentality and how to bolster your homeschool to stand firm in life’s waves.

Katie Dugdale is a child of God, wife to Brian and mom to Elijah, Abigail, Selah and Tybi. She has a degree in early childhood education from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. She taught preschool for years before getting married and starting a family. Once her first child was born, the adventure really began. Long story short, she moved often. Each baby was born in a different state. She has homeschooled for nine years. Her philosophy of education has evolved greatly over the years and can currently be described as eclectic or delight directed. She has been on the board of the Henderson County Homeschool Association for four years. She is the author and developer of several teacher helps and no prep printables sold via Teachers Pay Teachers. In her spare time (ha-ha), she runs a business selling custom t-shirts, decals and planner stickers. She also volunteers with her church youth group.

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