Testing and Testing Services

With annual standardized achievement testing being required in NC, NCHE strives to help you fulfill this testing requirement. Below you will find types of tests and testing services.

About NC Homeschool Testing Requirements

The state law requires each homeschool to administer a nationally standardized achievement test, or other nationally standardized equivalent measure to all homeschool students annually until they graduate. Homeschools that don’t administer an annual test to each of their students are not legally valid schools. If the homeschool is planning to issue a diploma they must meet the legal requirements to insure the diploma is valid. Some prospective employers or colleges want to see the test scores for all the high school years. The state does not dictate which test must be given or who is to administer it. Because of the NC compulsory attendance law, if your students are younger than seven, they are not required to be in school, therefore, are not required to be tested.

From the NC Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) website:

“In accordance with G.S. 115C-564, the home school chief administrator is required to administer a nationally standardized test or other nationally standardized equivalent measurement to each enrolled student on an annual basis.  The nationally standardized test or other equivalent measurement selected by the chief administrator must measure achievement in the areas of English grammar, reading, spelling and mathematics.  The chief administrator is responsible for securing and scheduling the nationally standardized test.  The test results must be kept on file at the home school for at least one year thereafter. Failure to retain test results may jeopardize your child’s proper grade placement when seeking enrollment in a conventional school.  The test results must also be made available for annual inspection upon request by a DNPE staff member.”

Many local support groups organize group testing for their members. If you are interested in group testing, contact a local group leader. If you need help in finding the support group nearest you, contact your region’s regional liaison.

Additional information about testing can be found at the DNPE FAQ: http://www.ncdnpe.org/FAQs/hhh114s.aspx


Commonly Used Nationally Standardized Tests

All homeschooled students are required to receive a yearly nationally standardized achievement test. By law, this test must measure achievement in the areas of English grammar, reading, spelling and mathematics. The most commonly used achievement tests are the California Achievement Test, the TerraNova, the Woodcock Johnson, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, the Stanford Achievement Test, and the Metropolitan Achievement Test.

Tests may also be ordered and administered individually.

Below are descriptions of commonly used tests.

The ACT college readiness assessment is a standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions. If the essay section is included, the ACT also meets the NC homeschool testing requirement. The ACT code for NC is 969-999.

California Achievement Test (Cat/5®)
The California Achievement Test®, Fifth Edition (CAT/5®) is a nationally standardized achievement test for grades K-12.

The TerraNova test is a nationally-recognized, norm-referenced, standardized achievement test for grades K-12.

Iowa Test of Basic Skills and Iowa Test of Educational Development
The Iowa Test of Basic Skills is a nationally standardized achievement test for grades K-8. The Iowa Test of Educational Development is a nationally standardized achievement test for grades 9-12.

Personalized Achievement Summary System (PASS)
The PASS test is specifically designed for homeschoolers and is for grades 3-8.

The SAT college readiness assessment is a standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions. If the essay section is included, the SAT also meets the NC homeschool testing requirement. The SAT code is 970 000.

Woodcock Johnson Psycho-educational Test
The Woodcock Johnson III is a nationally standardized test which is professionally given by a tester suitable for ages two to ninety-nine.

For high school and college admissions testing, visit the Homeschooling High School section of our website.

Organizations Providing Tests
for North Carolina Homeschools

Academic Achievement Testing
Melanie Todd
1311 Westbrook Plaza Dr.
Winston Salem NC 27103
Telephone: 336 239-5529 or 336 659-8202
Email: mtodd11658@gmail.com

Tests: Woodcock Johnson IV, Dyslexia screenings

Academic Excellence
Nashville, TN 36211
Web: www.AcademicExcellence.com
Telephone: 866-960-9331
Email: customer.service@academicexcellence.com

Test: California Achievement Test (CAT)

Cindy Hyde
705 Old Mountain Page Road
Saluda, NC 28773
Web: https://achievementtesting.info
Telephone: (828) 329-9921
Email: cindy@achievementtesting.info

Tests: Woodcock-Johnson IV, Stanford 10, Stanford 10 w/ OLSAT, IOWA Tests, IOWA Tests w/ CogAT

Affordable Homeschool Testing Services LLC
7576 260th St.
Wyoming, MN 55092
Telephone: 651-272-5654
​Web: AffordableTests.com

Test: Online NWEA MAP Testing

Ann Mathews-Lingen MSW, LGSW
2126 Jefferson Ave
St Paul, MN 55105
Web: www.achievement-test.com
Email: a.mathewslingen@comcast.net

Woodcock-Johnson III and Peabody Individual Achievement Test

ATC Educational Services
Telephone:  (919) 266-2228
Web address:  http://www.atced.com/

Test:  Woodcock-Johnson IV

Bayside School Services
P.O. Box 250
Kill Devil Hills, NC  27948
Telephone:  (800) 723-3057
Web:  BaysideSchoolServices.com

Tests:  TerraNova, CAT

BindrimTesting and Educational Services
Tommy and Kay Bindrim, M.Ed
302 W. Washington Street
Nashville, NC 27856 (Greater Rocky Mount area)
Telephone: (252) 451-0118
Email: info@testingandeducationalservices.com
Web: www.testingandeducationalservices.com/

Tests:  Woodcock-Johnson IV, career testing

Bob Jones University Press
Greenville, SC  29614
Telephone:  (800) 845-5731
Web:  http://www.bjupresshomeschool.com/content/testing

Tests:  Iowa, Stanford

Brewer Testing Services
2853 Davis Road
East Bend, NC  27018
Telephone:  (336) 699-3997
E-Mail:  pat@brewertesting.com
Web:  www.brewertesting.com/

Tests: Stanford 10 Online, Iowa Forms A, C and E (Form E is new and was normed in 2012), TerraNova/CAT 6 Forms A & C, BASI Forms A & B, Woodcock-Johnson III and IV, KBIT2 (IQ), OLSAT Online (IQ)

Catforms Testing Service
2388 Cremean Rd
Elida OH 45807
Toll free phone & fax: 888-991-7918
Web address:  catforms.com/
email: info@catforms.org

Test:  CAT

Christian Liberty Testing Service
Telephone: 800-348-0899
Web:  https://www.shopchristianliberty.com/special-service/

Classical Conversations Testing Services
255 Grant St
West End, NC 27376
(336) 295-3093
(910) 673-0100
Web: www.cctestingservices.com

Test: CTP (“Comprehensive Testing Program”)

Covenant Education Services and Testing
Kristen Eckenwiler, M.Ed
1213 Queen Anne Rd.
Wilson, NC 27896
Telephone: (252) 281-4788
Email: covenantedsvs@gmail.com
Web: www.covenanteducationservices.net
All appointments and payments can be made online

Tests: Woodcock-Johnson IV, Peabody Individual Achievement Test-Revised

ECHAD Educational Services
Angela L. Wilkinson, M.Ed.
307 Lancaster Avenue
Monroe, NC 28112
Telephone: (980) 328-4340
Email: wilkinsonsbyfaith@gmail.com

Tests: Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement, Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Oral Language
Educational Specialist in Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Behavior Modification

Family Learning Organization
PO Box 1750
Mead, WA 99021-1750
Telephone: 800-405-8378
email: homeschool@familylearning.org
Website: www.familylearning.org

Tests: CAT5, CTBS, TerraNova 2nd Edition (CAT/6), and BASI

Foundations Educational Services, LLC
Dawn Frink, MSW
2101 Piney Grove Wilbon Rd
Holly Springs, NC 27540
Telephone: 919-758-0811
email: dawnfrink@foundationseducation.com
Website: www.foundationseducation.com

Services: Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement, Dianne Craft Brain Integration Therapy hands on workshops

Growing Scholars
Misty Spinelli
665 Belmorrow Drive
Charlotte, NC  28214
email: growingscholars@aol.com
website: www.growingscholars.com

Test: Woodcock-Johnson IV

Hewitt Educational Resources
P.O. Box 9
Washougal, WA  98671
Telephone:  (360) 835-8708
Web address:  http://www.hewitthomeschooling.com/

​Test: PASS

Lighthouse Educational Services
81 Kendall Drive
Clayton, NC  27520
Telephone:  (919) 302-5786
Web:     http://www.lighthouseedu.net/

Test:   Woodcock-Johnson IV Achievement and Cognitive testing

Piedmont Education Services
1629 Turfwood Drive
Pfafftown, NC  27040
Telephone:  (336) 924-2494
E-Mail:  gmunger@triad.rr.com
Web:  http://www.pesdirect.com/

Tests:  CAT5, Woodcock-Johnson IV

Smoky Mountain Academic Resources and Services (S.M.A.R.T.)
Glenna Toney, Owner of SMART
10 Rosscraggon Drive
Asheville, NC 28805
Telephone: (828) 775-7949
Web: www.smarttesting.net
E-Mail: glenna@smarttesting.net

Jennifer Baker
Greater Hickory and Surrounding Areas
Telephone: (828) 381-7892
Web: www.smarttesting.net
E-Mail: jennifer@smarttesting.net

Dr. Lynn Leckron
Henderson / Buncombe Counties and Surrounding Areas
Telephone: (828)-458-7005
Web: www.smarttesting.net
E-Mail: lynn@smarttesting.net

Christy Plott
Haywood, Buncombe, Jackson and Far Western Counties
Telephone: (704)-477-6422
Web: www.smarttesting.net
E-Mail: christy@smarttesting.net

Mary Oliver
Jackson, Haywood and Far Western Counties
Telephone:      (828)-508-8976
Web: www.smarttesting.net|
E-Mail: mary@smarttesting.net

Heather Ertzberger
Wilmington / New Hanover / Brunswick / Pender and Surrounding Counties
Telephone: (910)-367-5797
Web: www.smarttesting.net
E-Mail: heather@smarttesting.net

Tests: Woodcock-Johnson IV, IOWA Test of Basic Skills, Brigance (especially helpful for severely special needs students and can be administered at home)

Triangle Education Assessments

5512 Merion Station Drive
Apex, NC  27539
Telephone:  (919) 387-7004
E-Mail:   info@triangleed.com
Web:  www.TriangleEd.com

Tests:  Iowa E (paper and online), Iowa A, Stanford 10 (paper and online), TerraNova2 (CAT/6), BASI, Brigance, and Woodcock-Johnson IV and III, and career tests

Triangle Learning and Development Resources, PC
209 Lloyd St, Suite 230
Carrboro, NC 27510
Telephone: (919) 886-4437
Fax: (919) 928-5097
E-Mail: jamie@triangle-ldr.com
Web: www.triangle-ldr.com

Test:  Woodcock-Johnson IV