NC Law: High School Age & Enrollment

The law requires that homeschools with children ages seven to sixteen be listed with the NC Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE). Since the NC compulsorary education age ends at 16, your children do not have to be in a legal homeschool after that age. However, it is recommended that you keep your school open till your students graduate from high school or transfer to another school. There are many situations where proof that the student is or was attending a legally recognized homeschool until graduation is necessary. Examples of these situations could be obtaining a driver’s license, dual enrollment at a community college, college admission and joining the military.

As long as your student is being homeschooled, the law requires that you keep an attendance record and administer a nationally standardized acheivement test. In high school, the college admissions tests ACT plus essay and SAT plus essay will qualify for this annual achievement test.