Career & College Promise

NC Career & College PromiseCareer & College Promise (CCP) is a North Carolina initiative to enable eligible high school students to work, tuition free, toward two-or four-year degree, a certificate or diploma.

The program is free to all students who maintain a “B” average and meet other eligibility requirements.

There are three avenues a student can take:

  • College credit completely transferable to all UNC System Institutions and many of North Carolina’s Independent Colleges and Universities.
  • A credential, certificate or diploma in a technical career.
  • A high school diploma and two years of college credit in four to five years through innovative cooperative high schools (limited availability).

For more information about the program, download the Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual.

NC Community Colleges

There are 58 Community Colleges in NC. Visit the NC Community College resource website to learn more about how the community college system implements Career & College Promise.   Use the NC Community Colleges website to locate your local community college, and explore their Career & College Promise offerings.