Your Homeschool Student’s Transcript

A transcript is a basically a list of courses your student has taken and the credit and grade associated with each course.

A transcript can be put together for a homeschooler in the same way that conventional schools develop transcripts for their students. It should include final course grades as well as final grade point average (A=4; B=3; C=2, etc.). The completed transcript should look professional and may be printed by a computer or printing company. It should include the official school name and the school administrator’s signature. Those using a non-traditional schooling approach can translate equivalent learning experiences into courses and credits that a college can understand. Assign grades based on the competency level achieved in each course. Some homeschoolers choose to forego the transcript and submit a portfolio of representative work (essays, reading lists, etc.), as well as college board scores and recommendations. Talk to college admissions officers at prospective colleges about their requirements for admissions and what form of documentation that college accepts. The “Transcript Template.xlsx” below is anĀ  Excel spreadsheet template.