Be a Thrive! Volunteer

NCHE has many important Thrive! volunteer jobs that need to be done for the conference to run smoothly. Be a part of our team to help our conference continue to be recognized as one of the most well-run in the country!

Perks for Thrive! Volunteers

Volunteers receive one free conference MP3 recording for every hour worked. Volunteers will also be entered into a drawing to win a full set of conference recordings on MP3—the more hours volunteered the more entries!

Free Conference Admission for Being a Thrive! Volunteer

Volunteers can earn a reimbursement of their admission cost by working at the conference. This is a very popular perk among our volunteers, so fill out your form early for the best selection. This free admission refund can be earned by volunteering the following hours:

Individual/couple – 10 hours
Individual/couple plus one child/teen – 13 hours (partial reimbursement for 10 hours)
Family – 15 hours (partial reimbursement for 10 hours)
Teens (attending without their family) –  4 hours
Alumni – 6 hours

Family members age 16 and above on the same registration may pool their volunteer hours toward the reimbursement benefit and free MP3 recordings. Reimbursements are either mailed or refunded to credit cards after the conference.

In addition to the jobs listed below, you can volunteer to be a mentor. A separate application is required for conference mentoring.

Heather Hampton is the conference volunteer coordinator. She will contact you following your submission. If you have any questions email her at


In order to volunteer for most positions, you must be registered for the conference. However, if you would like to just volunteer, we have a few positions that you can fill.