Be a Thrive! Mentor

Thrive! mentors are a very important part of the conference. Do you enjoy sharing your homeschooling experiences with others? Do you like helping new homeschooling parents navigate the world of home education? If so, we need you!

The NCHE conference committee is looking for mentors that can answer questions and encourage other home educators at the Thrive! Conference. Mentors can serve in a variety of roles, and we would love to have dads, as well as moms. We have broken down the mentoring program into four categories:

  • Elementary,
  • Middle School,
  • High School, and
  • Special Needs/Learning Issues

Volunteering perks:
Volunteers (which includes mentors) receive one free conference MP3 recording for every hour worked. Volunteers will also be entered into a drawing to win a full set of conference recordings on MP3—the more hours volunteered the more entries!

Free conference admission for volunteers:

Volunteers can earn a reimbursement of their admission cost by working at the conference. Mentoring hours count towards these volunteer hours. This is a very popular perk among our volunteers, so fill out your form early for the best selection. See the volunteer page for other opportunities to volunteer. This free admission refund can be earned by volunteering the following hours:

Individual/couple – 10 hours
Individual/couple plus one child/teen – 13 hours (partial reimbursement for 10 hours)
Family – 15 hours (partial reimbursement for 10 hours)
Teens (attending without their family) –  4 hours
Alumni – 6 hours

Family members age 16 and above on the same registration may pool their volunteer hours toward the reimbursement benefit and free MP3 recordings. Reimbursements are either mailed or refunded to credit cards after the conference.

If you are interested in serving, complete the following application as soon as possible. As part of the application, please ask two or more reference providers to complete the online Mentor Reference Form.

The deadline to apply is April 25, 2023.

Please share this with others, including retired homeschoolers. Also, invite your homeschooling friends to the conference. Please email if you have questions!

Thrive! Mentor Application

Personal Information
Homeschool Experience
  • Please list any support group or co-op you are involved in.

  • Please describe your homeschool experience.

  • Please list, to the best of your ability, the years you attended the NCHE conference. If you have never attended the NCHE conference, please explain.

  • Why would you like to serve as a mentor at the NCHE conference?

  • Which parent group would you be most comfortable mentoring (you may select more than one):

  • Provide the Names and Email Addresses of at least two references. These are the individuals you will be asking to complete the online Mentor Reference form (see link above).