The numbers before the talks below represent the session numbers; the letters represents the interest codes.
Interest Codes for Talks
G: General interest to all parents
B: Beginners and inquirers
L: Parents of struggling learners
Y: Parents of young children preschool to early elementary
O: Parents of older elementary age (may include middle school)
P: Parents of teens (and possibly teens)
D: Dads
M: Mom
T: Teens and alums

Karen DeBeus is a homeschooling mom who is learning to live more simply and to keep God at the center of it all. She is the author of three best-selling homeschooling books and writes at Simply Living for Him and Bible Based Homeschooling. She speaks nationally and locally about homeschooling and her desire for others to clear the clutter from their lives and seek God first. In 2016 she founded the Simply Living for Him Retreat, which is a time of rest and renewal for all women seeking Jesus. She enjoys life on her hobby farm with her husband and four children. Together they are a work-at-home family pursuing a simple life with purpose and, above all, seeking to glorify God in all they do.
1  :: G:: Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool
3  :: G :: Bible Based Homeschooling: Building a Firm Foundation
4  :: G :: Simple Homeschool: Have Less Clutter and More Joy
7  :: M :: Real Homeschool: Trading in Pinterest-Perfect for Real Life
10 :: G :: Homeschool: Prepare for Life Not Just a Test

Dr. Kathy Koch (“cook”), founder and president of Celebrate Kids, Inc., has spoken in thirty countries, influencing thousands of people . Her practical, relevant, results-oriented concepts and engaging, honoring, and humorous speaking style draw enthusiastic raves from children, teens, parents, and educators. Attendees leave her events armed with new beliefs, attitudes, practical tools, and increased hope for building healthy relationships and increasing success in family, life, and school. A popular guest on Focus on the Family radio, she has authored six books. Her most recent are Guiding Motivation, 8 Great Smarts, and Screens and Teens. Dr. Kathy earned a Ph.D. in reading and educational psychology from Purdue University. She was a tenured associate professor of education at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, a teacher of second graders, a middle school coach, and a school board member prior to becoming a full-time conference speaker in 1991. She has loved Jesus for years and her faith and desire to serve and glorify God is the foundation of her ministry.
1  :: G  :: Frustrated, Perfectionistic Kids: Guiding and Changing Their Behavior
3  :: G  :: Instill Hope: Motivation Matters
4  :: TG :: How Are You (or Your Kids) Smart and Why Does it Matter?
5  :: G  :: Focus Children’s Thinking to Increase Learning and Decrease Frustration
7  :: TG :: The Power Technology Has over Character and Behavior
9  :: G  :: Improve the Fruit by Identifying the Root
11 :: G :: Maximize the Genius Qualities in Your Children

Sherri Seligson and her husband, David, have four children and have homeschooled for twenty-one years, recently graduating their youngest child. A degreed marine biologist, Sherri worked at Walt Disney World’s Living Seas, publishing shark behavior research. She has authored Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Marine Biology and Interning for High School Credit, instructional DVD courses for Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Biology and the Human Body, as well as companion curricula for feature films including Dolphin Tale I and II and War Horse. Sherri has written for several science publications and homeschool magazines and is a national conference and retreat speaker where she encourages moms on their homeschool journey and teaches families and students the importance of studying God’s creation. You can connect with Sherri at
2  :: GT :: A Scientist’s Showcase of Creatures That Defy Evolutionary Theory
6  :: G  :: When You Have a Child Who Is Not Driven
8  :: P  :: What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up? Giving Your Children a Vision for the Future
9  :: OP :: Why Teaching Science Is a Critical Part of Education (Even for Poets)
11 :: M  :: Am I Ruining My Children? What I Wish I Knew as a Homeschool Mom

John Stonestreet serves as president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He’s a sought-after author and speaker on areas of faith and culture, theology, worldview, education and apologetics. Since 2012, John and Eric Metaxas have co-hosted BreakPoint, the nationally syndicated commentary on the culture, founded by the late Chuck Colson. He is also the voice of the Point, a daily one-minute radio feature on worldview, apologetics and cultural issues. Before coming to the Colson Center in 2010, John served various leadership capacities with Summit Ministries and was on the biblical studies faculty at Bryan College (TN). John has co-authored four books: A Practical Guide to Culture, Restoring All Things, Same-Sex Marriage, and Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview. John holds degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (IL) and Bryan College (TN). He and his wife, Sarah, have four children and live in Colorado Springs, CO. Connect with John at, or follow him on Twitter (@jbstonestreet).
1  :: TG :: Amusing Ourselves to Death: How to Handle a World of Entertainment
3  :: TG :: Marriage: Does It Even Matter Anymore?
Friday Keynote :: Four Cultural Shifts Parents Need to Understand and How to Navigate Them
4  :: OP :: Preparing for the Talk: Preparing Students for This Sexually Broken World
6  :: TP :: Right Answers Are Not Enough: Connecting Belief with Behavior
8  :: TG :: Same Sex Marriage: Clear Thinking on a Controversial Issue
9  :: TG :: What to Do with the Rest of Your Life: How to Determine God’s Will
10 :: G :: How (Not) to Read the Bible: Handling the Scriptures with Our Children

Phil Tuttle, president and CEO of Walk Thru the Bible, has been a vital member of the Walk Thru the Bible family for more than two decades,. He served as senior vice president for International Ministries and global teaching pastor before becoming president and CEO in 2007. As president of Walk Thru the Bible, Phil continues to share God’s Word throughout the world in churches, Bible conferences, Christian education conventions, and corporate gatherings. He is the author of Raise Up a Child; Crucible: The Choices that Change Your Life Forever; Detour: Finding Purpose When Life Doesn’t Make Sense; Chosen: When God Calls Your Name; and Revolution: How Millennials Can Change the World. Phil’s unique blend of biblical instruction, real-life illustrations, and spontaneous humor makes learning easy and enjoyable. Phil and his wife, Ellen, have two adult children, Emily and Philip, and daughter-in-law, Erika.
Phil will be presenting his talks on this theme:
Revolution: How Millennials Can Change the World (and What They Need from the Rest of Us)—There comes a moment in every suspenseful movie when all hope seems lost. We can’t imagine how things will work out. Tragically, many have forgotten about the author of the story. The God of all hope is never at a loss for solutions. That is not only an accurate picture of our day; it’s also an accurate picture of ancient Judah when a young king came to the throne. Young King Josiah marked the beginning of a bright moment in Judah’s history, and his story has many parallels with our own time. The story of Josiah is a message about how God works in uncertain times.
Thursday keynote :: The Reality
4  :: GT :: The Parallels
6  ::GT :: The Generations
8  :: GT :: The Word
9  :: GT :: The Pillar
11 :: GT :: The Future

Todd Wilson is a dad, writer, conference speaker, and former pastor. Todd’s humor and down to earth realness have made him a favorite speaker at homeschool conventions across the country and a guest on Focus on the Family. As founder of Familyman Ministries, his passion and mission are to remind dads and moms of what’s most important through a weekly email for dads, seminars, and books that encourage parents. Todd, and his wife, Debbie, homeschool five of their eight children (three have graduated) in northern Indiana and travel America in the Familyman Mobile. You can read more at
Leaders :: They Look to You
2  :: G :: Choose the Hard Things
5  :: G :: Get Real!
7  :: G :: Irresistible Parenting
8  :: D :: Every Dad a Homeschooling Dad!
Saturday Keynote :: This, We Believe!
11 :: G :: Raising Dangerous Sons in a Safe World

The numbers before the talks below represent the session numbers; the letters represents the interest codes.
Interest Codes for Talks
G: General interest to all parents
B: Beginners and inquirers
L: Parents of struggling learners
Y: Parents of young children preschool to early elementary
O: Parents of older elementary age (may include middle school)
P: Parents of teens (and possibly teens)
D: Dads
M: Mom
T: Teens and alums

Diane Allen is the first veteran homeschooler to serve on the DNPE staff. After homeschooling for twenty-three years, running a support group, building a testing business, speaking at conferences and teaching online and in-person classes, she served the homeschool community as the director of the Division of Non-Public Education until recently. She is alternately mourning the last child being away at school with learning to enjoy the empty nest, and being super-cool Greema to her four grandchildren. With her experience as the DNPE director, she offers insights on the official side of homeschooling and answers questions about the function of the DNPE in her two workshops.
1   :: BG :: The DNPE, the Law and the Average Homeschool Family
11 :: BG :: Basic Rules of a Record Retention: From Kindergarten to College

Debbie Crawford is a mom of two. She homeschooled for thirteen years, twelve of those as a single parent. She successfully graduated her children and completed her homeschooling journey in 2017. Debbie was widowed in her first year of homeschooling and is passionate about helping single parents successfully homeschool. Her hobbies include Tae Kwon Do and reading. Debbie is an accomplished author and speaker. She resides in Carthage, NC, with her dad and son.
10 :: M :: Restoring the Nest: Encouragement to Prioritize Your Relationship with Your Children in a Single Parent Homeschool (with Joanna Giff)

Shawn Curtis is a Christian, husband, father and elder at Antioch Community Church in Elon, NC. He is from Rochester, NY, and married his best friend, Sara, when they were nineteen years old. They now have a small family of seven children. Shawn joined the U.S. Navy shortly after his eightteenth birthday. After graduating from Auburn University with a BS in chemistry, he was commissioned and served as a submarine warfare officer. The best and most challenging days of his twelve-year naval career were spent underway onboard the USS Nevada. Shawn values and practices the spiritual disciplines of memorizing and praying through Scripture, and tries to daily live by a treasured maxim of his own father: Steward each day with your eyes on that Day (see 1 Peter 1:13).
10 :: DG :: Family Worship as a Cornerstone of Home Education

Andrea Daley has been married to Chris, her knight in shining armor, for twenty-six years. They have been blessed with ten children, ranging from ten to twenty-five years of age and have been homeschooling for fifteen years. Originally from Canada, she graduated from university with a degree in psychology with plans to work full-time. Her professional career lasted only nine months before the Lord blessed her with a beautiful baby boy, and she immediately knew that she would be a stay-at-home mom. Andrea is actively involved in her church, their youth group and the deaf community. Fostering (the oldest) and disabilities (Usher Syndrome) have both stretched and blessed her family through the years. She presently has three children in grad school, two in college and five still at home. Andrea has gleaned much wisdom and experience over the years in many areas of homeschooling. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
4   :: P :: High School Smorgasbord: The Practical
11 :: P :: High School Smorgasbord: The Emotional

Bryan Davis has been a full-time author for fifteen years and has spoken more than a thousand times at schools, homeschool events and conventions. His goal is to fill the hearts of young people with stories about heroic characters who rely on faith, courage, love and other virtues to face the villains and other obstacles in their lives. His primary objective is to draw young people closer to God and to instill in them the idea that God will help them through their trials.
2 :: PT :: An Author’s Journey


Katie Dugdale is a child of God, wife to Brian and mom to Elijah, Abigail, Selah and Tybi. She has a degree in early childhood education from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. She taught preschool for years before getting married and starting a family. Once her first child was born, the adventure really began. Long story short, she moved often. Each baby was born in a different state. She has homeschooled for nine years. Her philosophy of education has evolved greatly over the years and can currently be described as eclectic or delight directed. She has been on the board of the Henderson County Homeschool Association for four years. She is the author and developer of several teacher helps and no prep printables sold via Teachers Pay Teachers. In her spare time (ha-ha), she runs a business selling custom t-shirts, decals and planner stickers. She also volunteers with her church youth group.
5 :: G :: Creating a Culture of Homeschooling
8 :: G :: How Unschooling Saved Our Homeschool

Jeff Ertzberger currently serves as a faculty member and director of technology in the Watson College of Education at UNC Wilmington where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in instructional design and instructional technology. A former public school teacher, Jeff has been a featured speaker at regional, national and international conferences. His unique experiences and personality allow him to present sometimes complex technologies in ways that are understandable, and fun! As an elder at New Hanover Church and a homeschool father of three, Ertzberger sees the needs of parents in the homeschool and is able to take his knowledge of technology to find ways to make teaching any subject easier and more effective.
9  :: YO :: Thirty Tech Tools to Teach Reading, Writing and Literature
11 :: GT :: Protect Your Digital Presence—How to Keep Yourself and Your Identity Safe Online

J. Mark Fox has pastored Antioch Community Church since 1987 and has taught at Elon University since 1990. Mark received an MDiv from Luther Rice Seminary and a BA and MA from UNC, where he met his wife, Cindy. They have been married for thirty-six years (as of June 2017) and have seven children and five grandchildren (so far!). Mark is the author of Age Integrated Church, published in 2015, that tells the story of how God changed Antioch’s vision. He is also the author of A Faithful Man: Equipped to Lead as Prophet, Priest, Protector and Provider (2012), Real Life Moments: a Dad’s Devotional (2008), and others. His weekly column for the Times-News in Burlington has won five Amy Awards. Mark loves to travel, run and spend time with his family. He is also available to speak to your church or conference.
1 :: DT :: Time Management for Men: How to Get It All Done
3 :: GT :: How to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Tami Fox is an author, speaker, homeschool mom and wife. She has homeschooled her six children for the past seventeen years. She has graduated three of her children and is currently homeschooling her three sons, who are in grades 11, 9, and 6. Tami has been a homeschool speaker both at homeschool conferences and through online webinars for several years. She has written a book on raising children and organizing the home and homeschool called Giving Your Children Wings Without Losing Yours. Tami can speak on a wide variety of topics, including raising children, organizing, unit studies, large family homeschooling, homeschooling with babies and toddlers, homeschooling methods, homeschooling in high school, and how to get started homeschooling. Tami has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix and is currently an organizational mentor, marketer and author. Her goal is to encourage women.
6 :: Y :: Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers

Jessica Frierson is a second-generation homeschooler now teaching her own ten children. She has experienced firsthand the explosion of homeschooling from the handful fighting for the opportunity, to the many thousands embracing that freedom today. She and her husband, Ernie, knew from the time their first child was born twenty-one years ago that home education would be their only choice. They moved back home to North Carolina in 2000 to take advantage of the less restrictive homeschool laws here. She joyfully serves the Lord through ministry to her family, serving in her local church, writing, and encouraging others with the testimony of the treasure of love she has discovered in our Lord Jesus Christ.
9 :: B :: Homeschool How-Tos

Amanda Garner is a seasoned homeschool mom, author and a serious coffee connoisseur. She and her family live, love and learn together in Oxford, NC. Married for twenty-four years, she and her husband, Wes, have four children and have been home educating for the past fourteen years. In addition to veracious reading, freelance writing, and teaching, Amanda also enjoys encouraging other homeschool moms via her blog:
6   :: B :: Six Steps to a Successful Start
10 :: G :: A Shelter in the Storm: Homeschooling through Difficult Seasons


Joanne Giff graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in international studies. She worked for the federal government for ten years serving both domestically and abroad. Once she had her first child, she decided to resign in order to devote herself to raising her family. She now has four children, two of which are still at home. She has been a home educator for sixteen years and, due to divorce, has been a single homeschool mom for nine of those years. She has been tutoring dyslexic students for five years and is also a Spanish language instructor. She enjoys any opportunity to encourage other single home school parents.
10 :: M :: Restoring the Nest: Encouragement to Prioritize Your Relationship with Your Children in a Single Parent Homeschool (with Debbie Crawford)

LeAnn Gregory is a homeschooling mother of three who has spent the last twenty-five years mentoring college students in the US and internationally with CRU. Her experiences counseling students encouraged her to write a career and college prep program for high school students to help better prepare them for the important decisions they would face after graduation. She teaches her program, “The 5 Major Steps,” throughout the Southeast to homeschool students, private schools and at tutoring centers. She recently published “The College Planning Workbook” to help students and parents prepare for college. Her passion is to help students understand their strengths, interests and aptitudes, and create a career plan based on exploration and informed choice.
9 :: P :: You Are Your Student’s Best Guidance Counselor

Eve Hullette is married to her pastor husband, Tommy, and they have three children. Eve and Tommy have been homeschooling from the beginning; the oldest is graduating next year. She and her husband are very involved in the kids’ sports events and activities. The family lives in the Hullette ancestral home and has a healthy garden and a variety of token farm animals. Eve has a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from North Carolina State University. Her passion for teaching math has her traveling all across the US sharing her knowledge and experience.
1 :: L :: Teach Math to a Child with Learning Challenges

Monica Irvine, president and creator of The Etiquette Factory, LLC, is a master motivator and dedicated instructor who loves to help children and adults see the benefits and rewards of having proper etiquette, mastering professionalism and excelling in social skills. As a certified etiquette instructor and working in the hospitality industry for twenty-seven years, Mrs. Irvine specializes in etiquette and professional instruction to help ensure the success of each individual both personally and professionally. Mrs. Irvine is the published author of four books on etiquette including Etiquette for Beginners, Etiquette Intermediate, Etiquette Masters and Raising a Generation of Ladies and Gentlemen. She is also the author of A Schedule Makes for a Happy Family. Mrs. Irvine is a national speaker, speaking to thousands of parents, educators and children every year.
3 :: OP :: Raising Our Girls to Be Ladies
5 :: OP :: Schedules—Helping Our Children to Be Happy
8 :: OP :: Raising Our Boys to Be Gentlemen

Andrew Kern is a researcher, teacher and consultant in classical education. Having home schooled (with his wife) their five now grown children, and having trained many homeschool teachers through the CiRCE apprenticeship, Andrew has grown into a well-received homeschool conference speaker. He has also been consulting with classical educators for over twenty years. Andrew is founder and president of the CiRCE Institute, co-author of The Lost Tools of Writing, The CiRCE Guide to Reading, and (with Dr. Gene Edward Veith) Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America. He and his family live in North Carolina.
1 :: G :: Why Should Christians Embrace Classical Education?

Grayson Marshall is a homeschool student of twelve years and is now in college. As he approached college education, he knew he wanted to stay out of debt and have more freedom. After searching for an answer, he was able to get thirty-three college credits in ninety days for only $700 a semester! (He also never went to a class.) After this, he wrote a short book on how others could do the same. Now, he wants to help present this information to you!
10 :: TP :: How to Go to College Debt-Free


Ronda Marshall and her husband, Mike, are the homeschooling parents of six (ages fifteen to thirty-two) and, so far, have graduated five children from their homeschool in Asheville, NC. They are in their twenty-third year of homeschooling. They have served on the NCHE board since 2003 where Mike has served as president and regional director, and Ronda has served as the homeschool helps director and currently serves as advisor. Together they have established and coordinated local homeschool support groups, email groups, co-ops, enrichment classes and conferences in their area. Ronda is presently serving as the director of Biltmore Church Homeschool Ministry that serves families in western NC. They have had the privilege of speaking at various support groups and state conferences where they loved having the opportunity to encourage families in this wonderful, yet sometimes challenging, homeschooling journey.
4 :: G :: Secrets of Endurance: Successful Co-ops and Tutorials
8 :: G :: Choosing Curriculum

Debbie Mason and husband, Spencer, have four adult children who were homeschooled from birth. Alexa graduated from UNCC and is a homeschooling mother. Scott graduated from Grove City College and Regent School of Law and is a lawyer in the Army. Levi has his master’s and bachelor’s from NC State and is a computer engineer. Mereda graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and is a mother and fiction writer. An NCHE board member since 1988, Debbie has coordinated the NCHE conference speakers/workshops since 1990 and was the editor of the GREENHOUSE from 1995-2015. She directed a large homeschool support group for over twenty-two years. Debbie has a B.S. in secondary education, mathematics and a M.Ed. in counseling. She speaks on a variety of homeschool subjects.
2 :: G :: Homeschooling High School
6 :: P :: Avoiding Burnout

Paul J. Maurer serves as the eighth president of Montreat College. As a visionary and results-driven Christian leader, he believes deeply in the value of Christ-centered higher education. Drawing from more than twenty-five years of leadership in nonprofit and higher education administration, Dr. Maurer has led efforts in governance, organizational development, marketing and communications, adult and graduate studies, and government relations. He has spent nearly two decades in higher education leadership. He is a published author and frequent speaker. Dr. Maurer earned his Ph.D. in political science from Claremont Graduate University, where he was an H. B. Earhart Fellow and a John M. Olin Fellow. He earned his B.A. from the University of Cincinnati and his M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Dr. Maurer and his wife, Joellen, have been married since 1989, and have four children.
3 :: P :: Being a Big Fish in a Small Pond

Penny Mayes is a professional art teacher, a professional educator and a veteran homeschool mom of twenty years. Her passion is creating curriculum that integrates hands-on art projects with art history and history unit studies and placing that curriculum in the hands of homeschoolers. Because of that passion, she created Take Time for Art, a video art curriculum that integrates hands-on art with art history and the story of history. Penny is also a wife and the mother of three adult children. She holds a BFA in studio art and master’s in education. Penny makes her home in North Carolina.
4 :: G :: Visualizing History, Increasing Reading Comprehension and Independent Learning Through Visuals and Hands-on Projects

Dana McDill is the wife of NCHE president, Matthew McDill. They live in Creston, NC (Ashe County) with their nine children ages eighteen to four. She has been homeschooling for fourteen years. She loves encouraging other mothers on their homeschooling journeys because it is not one for the faint of heart. Dana has personally struggled with hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue through which she has learned much! She is a “normal” homeschooling mom who wants to be real about the joys and challenges of homeschooling and encourage others not to give up. She is still on her amazing journey of refinement and in the trenches just like you!
2 :: M :: Choosing Rest in the Midst of the Chaotic Fun of Homeschooling
8 :: M :: Losing Your Way on the Journey

Matthew McDill and his wife, Dana, homeschool their nine children in Creston, NC. Matthew serves as president on the NCHE board and is a pastor of Highland Christian Fellowship in Boone. Through his ministry, Truth to Freedom (, he loves to teach and write about discipleship, marriage, family, parenting, home education and church. Matthew holds a B.S. in communication along with two master’s degrees and a doctorate in biblical studies.
1 :: GP :: Nine Ways to Help Your Children Know God’s Will for Their Lives
6 :: GP :: Ten Essential Topics for Discipling Your Children


Marjorie H. McIlvaine and husband, Rick, homeschooled for twenty-six years and in four states and are now officially retired as homeschool parents. All six of their children have graduated from homeschooling. Two are college graduates, one is in business management, and the other three are in college and working and volunteering in their church. Marji’s heart is to encourage other parents in the homeschool journey. She is on the board of Henderson County Homeschool Association, administers the Woodcock-Johnson test in WNC, teaches homeschoolers with BBC tutorials and Classical Scholars and has a passion for foreign languages, science, writing, history and all of God’s incredible creation!
5 :: GB :: NC Achievement Testing—Mystery No Longer!
7 :: GP :: Foreign Language and Homeschooling, the Adventure Begins!

Robert Nelson is dean of arts and sciences at Montgomery Community College with twenty years of experience teaching psychology and advising in the NC Community College System. He is also an adjunct professor of psychology at Liberty University and has past experience working in public mental health, DSS and the YMCA. He has his M.A. in counseling and B.S. in psychology from Liberty University and a graduate certificate in sociology from Appalachian State University. He is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and a national certified counselor (NCC). Robert is a NC homeschool graduate and a firm believer in home education. He has been married to his wife, Dana, for twenty years, and they are homeschooling their three children, ages seven, nine, and eleven.
5 :: TP :: Preparing for College in a Changing Secular Environment
7 :: P   :: NC Community College Opportunities for Homeschoolers

Steve Noble is the host of The Steve Noble Show (formally Called2Action Radio) which ihas been heard across NC since 2007 and nationally syndicated since 2015. He is the teacher of Foundations of Freedom (in-person and now online), a constitution/civics course for high school homeschoolers. He is the director of national mobilization for Harvest America, a nationwide evangelistic outreach featuring pastor and evangelist, Greg Laurie. Steve and his wife Gina have been married for twenty-five-years and have four children. They have been homeschooling since 2002.
5 :: GT :: Foundations of Freedom
7 :: G   :: The Ugly Side of Homeschooling

Danielle Papageorgiou has been married to her amazing husband, Jon, for eighteen years, and they have been homeschooling, or lifeschooling, their three children, Konur (fourteen), Elleina (twelve), and Korban (four) for fifteen years. Danielle has a passion for helping other homeschoolers learn how to homeschool in a way that does not compete with family life, but actually enhances it and how to homeschool in a spirit of freedom, not legalism. Her desire is to see more families set free from the world’s expectations of what education is and to discover that God has made each family unique and has also placed in each of their children special gifts and desires that He wants to use. The verse that guides the Papageorgious in their pursuit of lifeschooling is Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Emphasis added.)
2 :: GL :: The Power of a Label

Rhea Perry has seven children and has been home educating since 1987. Her oldest son brought his dad home from corporate America in just three years. She is convinced of the importance of preparing young people to be leaders in home business and government. After her husband of thirty-three years lost his battle with cancer, she turned her Internet hobby into a full-time business. Now Rhea helps homeschoolers learn how to use their gifts and talents to start and manage home businesses while working toward financial freedom.
7   :: GT :: Home Business 101: Education to Create Financial Freedom
10 :: GT :: Five Home Business Projects that Teach Financial Literacy and Create Income

Glenna Toney is the owner of Smoky Mountain Academic Resources and Training (SMART). She is a NC certified teacher, has a B.A. in elementary education, taught public school in NC for eleven years, has testing experience with the Woodcock Johnson since 2003, has experience teaching and testing all levels of learners and works with all students. She has graduated five homeschool students. She is a member of the NCHE athletic committee, a homeschool volleyball coach and a professional volleyball official.
3 :: GLT :: Processing, Fluency, Automaticity and Working Memory


Amanda Wares has been on the NCHE board for eight years, serving as region 5 director, activities director and currently homeschool helps director and region 3 liaison. She and her husband, Michael, make their home in Greensboro, where they homeschool their four busy children! Susannah, twenty-one, is their first homeschool graduate and is a full-time employee and student. The three children at home are Killian, seventeen, Katrielle, fourteen, and Deacon, eight. This is the Wares’ thirteenth year homeschooling. Amanda was a sign language interpreter. Now, she enjoys teaching sign language at their local homeschool enrichment classes. Amanda is also passionate about encouraging new homeschool moms.
2 :: B :: Help for New Homeschoolers

Dr. Jay Wile holds an earned Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry and a B.S. in chemistry, both from the University of Rochester. He has won several awards for excellence in teaching and is an internationally-known speaker, having presented lectures on the topics of nuclear chemistry, Christian apologetics, homeschooling, and creation vs. evolution in several different countries. He is best known for his award-winning K-12 science textbooks designed specifically for the homeschool. Dr. Wile and his wife of more than thirty years, Kathleen, homeschooled their daughter, Dawn, from the time they adopted her until she graduated high school. Dawn is a Butler University graduate and owns a speciality shipping company (Paws Logistics) with her husband, James.
3 :: YO :: Teaching Elementary Science Using History as a Guide
6 :: G   :: What I Have Learned about Homeschooling over the Past Twenty-Two Years
9 :: G   :: Homeschooling: The Environment for Genius

Durenda Wilson and her husband, Darryl, have been married for twenty-eight years. They are the parents of eight children and grandparents to four. After twenty years of homeschooling (five graduated) Durenda knows that home educating is an incredible blessing but only if you don’t let it hold you hostage to unnecessary expectations. One of her favorite things to do is help parents slow down, thinking outside the box so they can homeschool confidently and in a lifestyle that is a great fit for their families. She shares some of the clarity that comes with experience and sometimes learning things the hard way. Homeschooling can be demanding, messy, amazing, intense and wonderful all within thirty seconds of any given day. Durenda encourages parents to take the time to find out what really works for them, let go of self-driven standards and learn to homeschool from a place of peace.
5 :: G :: Why You Don’t Need to Know Everything to Give Your Kids a Great Education
7 :: Y :: Unhurried Homeschooling: Why We Need to Slow Down

Hal and Melanie Young homeschooled their eight children from the beginning and wrote the award-winning Raising Real Men and My Beloved and My Friend: How to Be Married to Your Best Friend without Changing Spouses. They are authors, publishers, podcasters and popular conference speakers internationally, known for their Christ-centered focus and practical, real-life stories. They served over ten years on the NCHE board, including three years as president, and now live in noisy, messy happiness in eastern North Carolina.
2 :: O  :: Parenting Pre-Teens
4 :: YB :: Homeschooling from the Beginning
10 :: L :: Surviving Struggling to Read