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Rachael Carman invites moms to join her in loving God passionately and worshiping him fully while sweeping up Cheerios, doing laundry and planning dinner. You will be affirmed in your role as a mother as Rachael speaks of her struggles with perfectionism and impatience and shares her challenges, failures and victories amid the ever-changing seasons of life. Her honesty will surprise you and her humor will put you at ease. Rachael is a respected author and a sought-after speaker. In her books, How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You? and How to Have a HEART for Your Kids, Rachael challenges mothers to surrender their will and draw closer to their heavenly Father. She has spoken across the United States as well as in Europe, Asia and Africa. She has been married to her husband, Davis, since 1986, and they have seven kids. She and Davis are the owners of Apologia Educational Ministries.
1          G         What about That Child?
Thursday Keynote      Remember and Do Not Forget
6          G         Teaching Your Children to BLESS
8          G         Attention Obsessive-Compulsive Perfectionist Control-Freaks: C.H.I.L.L. O.U.T.!
10        G         In This Moment

Derek and Cheryl Carter are homeschool parents of five and leaders in the New York area. Cheryl is a busy homeschooling mother, author, speaker and a college professor. She is the author of several books including Organize Your Life, Essential Writing Skills for the College Bound Student, Inspire the Writer in Your Child and Organize Your AD/HD Child. She blogs regularly on issues of clarity in written communication, college admissions and the family. She has a BA in English, an MFA in writing and has done graduate study in special education and college admissions. Cheryl’s curriculum and writing classes focus on equipping students with the vital skills for lifetime communication success. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in writing. She also serves on the HSLDA Compassion board. Derek is the visionary leader of Intentional Dad™. He believes all dads need to strive to be intentional and connect with their children. He is the administrative director of the Strong Fathers in Queens, NY. Derek has worked for thirty years with families in crisis and has served in various leading roles, including the Brooklyn Fatherhood Coalition. He is active in the national and local homeschool community, having once served as the regional representative for the New York State Loving Education at Home. He serves on the board of trustees of Sandy Cove Ministries. He is also a Ph.D. social work candidate at Yeshiva University and is an associate pastor in his local church.
1          L          (Cheryl), Organize Your ADD/ADHD Child
3          OP       (Cheryl), Writing across the Curriculum: The Approach that Works!
4          G         (Derek & Cheryl), Seven Basic Truths Every Family Should Build On
6          G         (Derek & Cheryl), Why We Homeschool and Why It Is Not School at Home
8          G         (Derek & Cheryl), The Things Christian Parents Don’t Talk About
9          G         (Cheryl), Organize Your Home
10        D         (Derek), How to Have a Presence in Your Absence
11        G         (Cheryl), Inspiring the Writer in Your Child

Mike Donnelly is an attorney, writer, adjunct professor of government, and frequent media spokesperson on homeschooling, freedom, and parental rights. At HSLDA, Mike helps member families with legal issues and advocates for homeschooling freedom internationally. Mike’s work on international freedom has appeared in such publications as the International Journal for Religious Freedom and the International Journal of School Choice and Reform. He helped organize the Global Home Education Conference in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the Global Home Education Conference in 2018 in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia. Mike teaches constitutional law at Patrick Henry College and is a US Army veteran. He and his wife homeschool their seven children.
2          G         Grades and Graduation: Do These Belong in a Homeschool?
3          PT        Is Today’s Military Right for My Child?
Friday Keynote           Elites to Homeschooling Families: “We’re Coming for You”
6          TG       Faith of Our Founders
8          B         The Compelling Case for Home Education
9          D         How to Be the Best Homeschool Dad You Can Be
10        G         Creature of the State?

Dr. Kathy Koch (“cook”), founder and president of Celebrate Kids, Inc., has spoken in 30 countries. Her practical, relevant, results-oriented concepts and engaging and humorous speaking style draw enthusiastic raves. Attendees leave her events armed with new beliefs, attitudes, practical tools and increased hope for building healthy relationships and increasing success in family, life and school. She has authored 6 books—most recent are Guiding Motivation, 8 Great Smarts, and Screens and Teens. Dr. Kathy earned a Ph.D. in reading and educational psychology from Purdue University. She was a tenured associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, a teacher of second graders, a middle school coach and a school board member prior to becoming a full-time conference speaker in 1991. She has loved Jesus for years, and her desire to serve and glorify God is the foundation of her ministry.
2          GT       8 Great Smarts: All Children Are Smart—Help Them Believe It!
3          G         Compliment and Correct to Powerfully Encourage People
4          G         Conversations about “Tough Stuff”
5          G         Resiliency: Help Children Embrace Life with Confidence
7          G         Change: Teach Them Don’t Tell Them
8          G         Motivation Matters: Start with the Heart
9          G         Identity: Who Do Your Children Think They Are and Why Does It Matter?
11        TG       Technology’s Influence over Beliefs and Behaviors

Dr. Jeff Myers is president of Summit Ministries. As an educator and entrepreneur, Dr. Myers has become one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development. Focus on the Family founder James Dobson referred to him as “a very gifted and inspirational leader.” Evangelist Josh McDowell called him “a man who is 100% sold out to preparing the next generation to reflect the character of Christ in the culture.” Through his speaking engagements and media appearances, Dr. Myers has become a fresh voice offering humor and insight from a Christian worldview. He is the author of 14 books, including Understanding the Faith, Understanding the Times, and Understanding the Culture. Dr. Myers holds a doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Denver. He serves as a trustee of Colorado Christian University. Jeff, his wife, Stephanie, and their family live in Colorado.
4          T          A Fast Track to the World of Ideas
5          T          Finding Life Purpose: Biblical Steps to Living with Confidence
7          G         Answering Children’s Top Five Questions about God
8          TG       Truth Changes Everything
Saturday Keynote       Standing in the Land of Giants: Four Ways to Grow Our Children as Leaders
9          T          Marxism, Socialism and Social Justice
10        T          How to Stand for Truth—and Be Nice at the Same Time

Rebecca Spooner is a second generation homeschool mom of 5, author of More than Words Bible curriculum and Gather ‘Round Homeschool, international speaker and popular blogger at She is married to an RCMP (Canadian police) officer and lives in a frozen tundra (okay, it only snows half the year) in Northern BC, Canada. She is passionate about sharing real life and the message that this homeschooling life is messy and wonderful and challenging and most importantly—possible. Come join her in the midst of her chaos. She doesn’t promise to have it all together; she promises to give you hope, laughter and permission to make mistakes and know you are not alone, and this is worth the cost.
2          G         Hide ‘Em Under a BushOh No!
5          G         Is It Enough?
6          G         Yes, You Can Teach All Your Kids Together
8          G         Teaching the Child You Have, Not the Child You Want Him to Be
9          G         How to Raise a World Changer
11        M         Working + Homeschooling (How Is It Possible?)


The numbers before the talks below represent the session numbers; the letters represent the interest codes.
G: General interest to all parents
B: Beginners and inquirers
L: Parents of struggling learners
Y: Parents of young children preschool to early elementary
O: Parents of older elementary age (may include middle school)
P: Parents of teens (and possibly teens)
D: Dads
M: Mom
T: Teens and alums

Laurie Beachell taught in a Christian school prior to homeschooling. She has taught both elementary and high school. In her first year of homeschooling, she did a myriad of different curriculums. Even though they were good curriculums, she wanted consistency across the board in every subject. She represents BJU Press and loves that it is an excellent extension of her home! Her husband and she were already focused on giving their children a biblical worldview in everything, and they were already stressing critical thinking just in everyday conversations.
2          G         Why Critical Thinking Is Critical


Francie Black has a twenty year progression through technology product training, project management, software development management and business development. As a former senior management consultant, she consulted with Fortune 500 companies, as well as, early stage tech startups. For six years, Francie hosted the weekly ABC WLOS News Tech Time segment and syndicated her tech segments to other broadcast news stations across the country. You can see hundreds of Francie’s TV segments by searching her name on YouTube. In 2015, she founded Home Hacker Camp, which offers robotics & programming courses, camps and curriculum. You can find Francie’s robotics & programming classes at Francie has an undergraduate degree from UNC Charlotte and an MBA from Pepperdine University. She can be reached at
7          T          STEM: Learn How to Program a Computer Game in 1 Hour
10        L          Is Computer Programming a Skill My Struggling Learner Can Learn?

Janice Broyles is an educator with over 20 years experience. She earned her doctorate in educational leadership and considers it an honor and privilege to teach others, as well as her own children. She is also an author of more than five award-winning books and the head editor and publisher of Late November Literary, a small traditional press located in Winston-Salem. She is also the proud mother of two sons, Jonathan and Benjamin. Jonathan is now a law enforcement officer, and Benjamin is twelve and a seventh grader. Janice and her husband, John, decided that providing the best education for their sons starts at home. She and her family are from the great state of Michigan but now currently reside in the lovely (and much warmer) state of North Carolina.
2          L          The Struggling Writer
5          G         Every Day Writing for the Homeschool Student

Jeremy and Kylie Cochran have been on their homeschooling adventure for 10+ years with their 2 children in a variety of settings. Kylie has a BA in elementary education. She is a full-time homeschool teacher and part-time church secretary. Jeremy has a BA in communication and Bible and an MS in marriage and family therapy. He has 19 years of experience as a therapist and currently operates Cochran Christian Counseling in Hendersonville, NC. One of his specialties is therapy for trauma, and he is trained in EMDR, a therapy for PTSD. Both Jeremy and Kylie are trained in critical incident stress management and have provided care during crisis situations.
1          G         Stress-Busting Homeschool Heroes
5          G         Internal & External Processors

Cordell and her husband homeschooled their four children from 1992 through 2014. It was a journey to be sure, and she would not trade it for anything. She is eternally grateful for the quality time they had together as a family all those years. They have forgotten many of the challenges and tough times and choose to remember the “fun” and the “funny”—there was plenty of both. Kris chose to “stick to the basics” when it came to choosing instructional materials and methods. She chose to give her children a solid foundation in reading, writing and arithmetic and allowed them to work independently while she made sure they made necessary progress. They studied some subjects, such as history, art, music and Bible, together, and they made sure to include quality “play-time” in their daily routine. Kris recognizes the beauty of variety, and this applies to the homeschool community as well.
9          G         One More “Curriculum” or One More Book

Paul Cwik, Ph.D. is the BB&T professor of economics and finance at the University of Mount Olive and teaches the BB&T courses on capitalism at NCSU. He and his wife (Heidi) have homeschooled their three children for over 10 years. Dr. Cwik has many academic publications, and his dissertation was cited in the Wall Street Journal. He is a Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, AL, and has taught economics to high schoolers across the world with the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) since 2003. He has also taught economics and personal finance courses at his local co-op in Raleigh.
7          GT       Teaching Economics and Personal Finance to Your Kids

Katie Dugdale is a child of God, lover of Christ, wife to an amazing man and mom to 4 beautiful kids. Her family has been homeschooling from the beginning and have just finished their twelfth year. It is a constant journey. Each of Katie’s kids was born in a different state. They have many chapters in their story, and Katie has several years of teaching experience through the public school system, homeschooling her own children, working with the church youth group, and teaching in local homeschool co-ops. Katie holds a degree in early childhood education from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. She served on the board of directors of the Henderson County Homeschool Association for six years as activities director, treasurer and secretary. Katie now co-directs Classical Scholars Homeschool Co-op in Mills River, NC.
2          G         Avoiding the Homeschool Comparison Trap
5          G         Delight-Directed Learning
7          G         How Unschooling Saved Our Homeschool

Kristen Eckenwiler graduated with honors from the University of Central Florida where she earned a master’s degree in reading. She has taught first, second, and fourth grades in the public schools, as well as a variety of courses in elementary education at the collegiate level. Additionally, she has taught writing and literature classes for the homeschool community. For the last 17 years, she has stayed home to homeschool her two sons, while also staying very busy testing, tutoring and providing a variety of products and services through her educational business, The Struggling Reader. Kristen has been speaking at conferences all over the United States for over a decade. She brings both a wealth of knowledge and a visible passion to all of her workshops.
3          GL       Desperate to Understand Your Child’s Way of Learning? Come Find It
6          BYL    All You Need to Know to Teach Reading
8          YOL    Dyslexia, Learning Delays and Challenges: Come Uncover This Trick
10        G         Multi-sensory Teaching

Jessica Embry is a homeschool mom and teacher who is passionate about education and helping others succeed in their own homeschooling journey. She offers educational consulting and community classes for parents to share her love of homeschooling with others. Jessica has been a private tutor since 1995 and has been teaching homeschool classes since 1997. Jessica was also homeschooled as a teen along with her three siblings. She holds her master’s in education. She also has a B.A. from Salem College, double majoring in English and chemistry with a minor in math. She currently homeschools her three children. With over twenty years of homeschooling experience, Jessica still loves learning more!
7          G         Gifted Education

Jeffrey Ertzberger currently serves as a faculty member and director of technology in the Watson College of Education at UNC Wilmington where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in instructional design and instructional technology. A former public school teacher, Jeff has been a featured speaker at regional, national and international conferences. His unique experiences and personality allow him to present sometimes complex technologies in ways that are understandable and fun! As an elder at New Hanover Church and a homeschool father of three, Ertzberger sees the needs of parents in the homeschool and is able to take his knowledge of technology to find ways to make teaching any subject easier and more effective.
1          G         Raising Kids in a Digital World
5          G         Using Google Tools for Homeschoolers and Co-Ops

Tom Gurganus
hails from the windswept desert sands of Durham, NC, Tom is a homeschooling dad that recently graduated his third and last child. During that time, he rekindled his love of games of all types. As a homeschooler, he discovered that he could use these games to educate his kids—win/win situation! Thus he and Vicky, his wife, were gameschooling before it was cool. Yep, they are trend setters. Now, he travels the lands in his flying boat, teaching other homeschoolers the joys of learning through games because learning should be fun!
9          G         What Is This Gameschooling Thing Anyway?


Hall received a degree in communication studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 1998. She began working with College Foundation of North Carolina in 1999 as a program information and marketing specialist. She has 21 years of experience providing information on career planning, academic planning, applying to college, scholarships/grants, and North Carolina’s National College Savings Plan.
11        PT        CFNC: North Carolina’s Free Resource for College Planning


Eve Hullette loves to encourage other homeschooling families on their journey—and especially to share practical ways to ignite a love for math in students that currently find it impossible or boring. In her mind, the study of math should not be just another worksheet to complete, but an exploration into patterns that can be understood, applied to other subjects and even enjoyed, Her father inspired her with a love for mathematics. To him, math was a puzzle to solve or a game to play. His curiosity was contagious. After earning a BS in applied mathematics from North Carolina State University, her passion for solving logical and mathematical problems led her to a computer-programming career. One very kind husband and three children later, she has focused her love for learning on homeschooling her own children with her first entering university this past fall.
3          G         Building a Solid Math Foundation
11        G         You Can Be a Great Math Teacher

Te’Essence Mack identifies herself as a child of God and lover of Christ. She believes the most potent ministry is that of motherhood and is grateful to have the opportunity to do so full-time to three beautiful children in various stages of life—a tween, a preschooler and a budding toddler. Therefore, she gladly accepts all prayers offered up for her! She also counts it a privilege and honor to serve as a wife for almost 5 years and counting. She loves to say that this life that she is living is one she never imagined for herself, yet better than anything she could have dreamt. She looks forward daily to embracing the beauty of this simple, natural and abundant life in Christ!
4          G         Multicultural Connections (with Luz Velazquez)

Popi Makris has over 20 years of experience coaching executives and high performing IT teams. Popi now focuses on empowering young children to develop the mindset needed for tomorrow’s success. Popi owns and manages After School Brilliance, an organization that focuses on teaching robotics, coding and electronics skills. Popi’s coaching approach focuses on gamifying the learning of digital skills, starting with children as young as 4.
1          T          Fun Ways to Learn to Code with the BBC Micro:bit



Ronda Marshall and her husband, Mike, live in Asheville, NC, and completed 26 years of homeschooling when they graduated the youngest of their 6 children last year. They have served on the NCHE board since 2003 where Mike has served as president and regional director, and Ronda has served as homeschool helps director, advisor and currently as the community relations director. They have established and coordinated local homeschool support groups, email groups, co-ops, enrichment classes and conferences in their area. Ronda served as the director of Biltmore Church Homeschool Ministry that serves over 200 families in western NC. She has had the privilege of speaking at various support groups and state conferences where she loves having the opportunity to encourage families in this wonderful, yet sometimes challenging, homeschooling journey.
2          B         Choosing Curriculum
8          G         Lessons Learned along the Way

Debbie Mason and husband, Spencer, have 4 adult children who were homeschooled from birth. Alexa graduated from UNCC and is a homeschooling mother. Scott graduated from Grove City College and Regent School of Law and is a lawyer in the Army. Levi has his master’s and bachelor’s from NC State and is a computer engineer. Mereda graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and is a mother and fiction writer. An NCHE board member since 1988, Debbie is the NCHE events director and has coordinated the NCHE conference speakers/workshops since 1990. She was the editor of the GREENHOUSE from 1995-2015. She directed a large homeschool support group for over 22 years. Debbie has a BS in secondary education, mathematics and a MEd in counseling.
4          P          Homeschooling High School
6          P          Preparing for College

Dana McDill is the wife of NCHE’s executive director, Matthew McDill. They live in Clemmons, NC, with six (ages 17 to 8) of their nine children. Their oldest daughter is married and their two oldest boys are in college. She has been homeschooling for 19 years. She loves to come alongside and encourage moms because she knows well the challenges of the journey. She doesn’t claim to be an expert because she knows God is still refining her! She hopes some of the lessons she has learned will help you!
6          M         Finding Extraordinary in the Ordinary


Matthew McDill and his wife, Dana, live in Clemmons, NC, with six of their nine children. Matthew has been in pastoral ministry for over twenty-five years and is now the executive director for North Carolinians for Home Education. He earned his M.Div. and Ph.D. at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and authored the book Loving God: A Practical Handbook for Discipleship. Matthew loves to teach from God’s Word, especially on topics related to family relationships, discipleship, parenting and home education.
4          O         How to Help Your Children Become Self-Motivated
7          G         Homeschooling with Confidence! A Basic Educational Strategy

Marji McIlvaine and husband, Rick, homeschooled for 26 years in 4 states and are now officially retired as homeschool parents. All 6 of their children have graduated from their homeschool, half are college graduates or students or working. Marji’s heart is to encourage other parents in the homeschool journey. She served on the board of Henderson County Homeschool Association for 20 years, administers the Woodcock-Johnson test in WNC, and teaches homeschoolers online and in-person with Master’s Mark Academics, Luma Learn, BBC tutorials and Classical Scholars Tutorials. Marji also tutors students with reading difficulties. She has a passion for foreign languages, science, writing, history and, oh, the whole of God’s incredible creation, and for sharing the joy in those subjects with her own children and others in our homeschooling community.
1          B         Achievement Testing? Let’s Chill—We’ve Got This!
3          G         Foreign Languages & Home Education
10        G         How to Succeed (or Fail) in the Online Classroom

Julia Nalle is a wife, mother, licensed practical nurse, teacher, writer and co-owner of BiblioPlan. Julia has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Arts in Religion with emphasis in Old Testament Studies, Counseling and Pastoral Ministries. With numerous years of experience teaching in classroom settings, homeschooling her own children, tutoring children with special needs, and teaching at a co-op, Julia has encountered it all. From the underachieving gifted students to the struggling reader, Julia has learned how to adapt, adjust and creatively engage children on a wide range of spectrums. In her sessions she loves to share her heart for Classical/Charlotte Mason styled education while giving numerous practical and easy to implement ways to teach and inspire children.
1          G         Multi-Grade, Multi-Age All Together without Mom Losing Her Mind
3          BY      Color the Water Blue and Other Bits of Wisdom for Pre-K-2nd Moms
4          LYO    Tips and Tricks for Adapting Curriculum for Struggling Learners 

Danielle Papageorgiou has been homeschooling, or “lifeschooling,” for 20 years (she counts birth as day 1!) and runs a blog and online conference at She has a passion for helping other homeschoolers learn how to homeschool in a way that does not compete with family life but actually enhances it—homeschooling done in a spirit of freedom, not legalism. Her desire is to see more families set free from the world’s expectations of what education is and to discover that God has made each family unique and has also placed in each of their children special gifts and desires that He wants to use. The verse that guides the Papageorgious in their pursuit of lifeschooling is Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”
3          M         How to Not Get It All Done

Glenn Ransom has been challenging folks to get back to biblical family devotions since 1984. After making over 8,000 in-home sales presentations to families, God gave him many ideas on how to solve the many challenges we face regarding having effective devotions. Now in our 3rd printing with 17,000+ customer testimonials, we have been featured on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk broadcast and the set is personally endorsed by Matthew McDill and Josh McDowell. As the president of SCORE Consulting with specialties in sales, management and leadership training, Glenn has helped many entrepreneurial individuals earn millions. He has recruited and trained thousands to run their businesses and ministries. He and Kathy are blessed with six homeschooled children & two grandchildren. They reside on the family farm in TN.
11        G         Kiss Family Devotion Excuses Goodbye!

Gretchen Roe has 21 years of home education experience with her six children, five of whom are now college graduates. With a degree in psychology and child development, she has spent the last 26 years in positions of homeschool advocacy, having a special bond with families of children who have to work harder to learn. A former business owner, she has served on a variety of nonprofit boards. A placement specialist with Demme Learning since 2014, Gretchen now serves as the company’s community relations coordinator. She loves the outdoors, all things furry, chicken raising, beekeeping and is a second degree Taekwondo Black Belt.
2          OPL    Time Out to Time In—Teaching Effective Time Management Skills
7          OPL    Your Student’s Math Struggles Are Not Their Fault

Jennifer Smith earned her bachelor’s degrees in music and elementary education as well as a master’s degree in elementary mathematics. She has spent years in the classroom setting as well as homeschooling her own children. Her dream of working with students one-on-one became a reality when she started Exceed in Learning and is excited to continue helping each child reach their potential. One of Jennifer’s main passions is how to teach kids to read. A systematic approach to phonics is vital for children to understand how phonemes are combined to create words. This passion is what ignites her desire to teach, write and help others who teach reading.
9          BYL    How to Make Learning to Read Easy for Young Children
11        BYL    What Is Phonemic Awareness and Is It Vital for Learning to Read?

Rachel Spigarelli has been homeschooling her six children for 15 years but still has 10 more years to go. She currently lives in Virginia and loves going on field trips with her family. Her homeschool is math-heavy, and Rachel especially focuses on teaching homeschool high school AP classes for her older children. She loves to write about her homeschooling experiences, and you can find her online at: and on Instagram: @HomeschoolingInThePresentTense.
5          PT        Teaching AP Classes at Home


Andrea Thorpe is a Christian, a wife, and a mother of three daughters ages 17, 15, and 10. Prior to becoming a homeschooling mom, Andrea earned a bachelor of arts degree in English, an elementary teaching certificate, and a master’s degree in student personnel services. During her nine years in public education, Andrea worked as a classroom teacher and was recognized as Teacher of the Year. For the past twelve years, Andrea has enjoyed teaching her lively trio from the comfort of her family’s New Jersey home. She has taught classes and served within her local homeschool community. In addition, Andrea has written articles for Focus on the Family Magazine (formerly Thriving Family) and Family Magazine by Well Planned Gal. She has spoken at The Southeast Homeschool Expo in Atlanta, Georgia and has appeared on Today with Hoda and Jenna. Andrea has written two books.
1          P          Meeting Your Teen’s Emotional Needs
6          G         Understanding Your Child’s Learning Styles
10        O         Mission Transition: Helping Kids Move From Elementary to Middle

Luz Velazquez was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Puerto Rico. She has been living in the United States for 28 years now. She is an Army veteran’s spouse and the mother of a seven-year-old boy named Carloscésar. They are a homeschool family who loves God, nature, music, gardening, cooking and baking. She has a passion for learning and teaching foreign languages. She also enjoys traveling, dancing and trying different foods from all over the world.
4          G         Multicultural Connections (with Te’Essence Mack)


Amanda Wares is thrilled to be a speaker at Thrive! She is married to Michael and has 4 children: Susannah, 25, Killian, 21, Katrielle, 18, and Deacon, 13. This is their 17th year homeschooling and her 12th year on the NCHE board, where she currently serves as homeschool helps director. In addition to her roles as wife and stay-at-home mom/teacher, Amanda also serves on the board of her local homeschool group and teaches sign language at a co-op. In all her spare time, she loves to read, plan field trips and encourage new homeschoolers!
4          B         Help! I’m New! Now What Do I Do?




Speaker Handouts

Speaker handouts will be posted in this tab as they are provided by the speakers. They are available as PDF or Power Point files for online view and/or download.
They are listed by speaker name, session number and workshop title.

Cheryl Carter – Session 1 – Organize Your ADD/ADHD Child

Jeffrey Ertzberger – Session 1 – Raising Kids in a Digital World

Janice Broyles – Session 2 – The Struggling Writer

Dr. Kathy Koch – Session 2 – 8 Great Smarts: All Children Are Smart—Help Them Believe It!

Cheryl Carter – Session 3 – Writing across the Curriculum: The Approach that Works!

Dr. Kathy Koch – Session 3 – Compliment and Correct to Powerfully Encourage People

Derek & Cheryl Carter – Session 4 – Seven Basic Truths Every Family Should Build On

Te’Essence Mack & Luz Velazquez -Session 4 – Multicultural Connections (English)

Te’Essence Mack & Luz Velazquez -Session 4 – Multicultural Connections (Spanish)

Debbie Mason – Session 4- Homeschooling High School

Dr. Kathy Koch – Session 4 – Conversations about “Tough Stuff”

Janice Broyles – Session 5 – Every Day Writing for the Homeschool Student

Dr. Kathy Koch – Session 5 – Resiliency: Help Children Embrace Life with Confidence

Rachel Spigarelli – Session 5 – Teaching AP Classes at Home

Derek & Cheryl Carter – Session 6 – Why We Homeschool and Why It Is Not School at Home

Dr. Kathy Koch – Session 7 – Change: Teach Them Don’t Tell Them

Paul F. Cwik – Session 7 – Teaching Economics and Personal Finance to Your Kids

Derek & Cheryl Carter – Session 8 – The Things Christian Parents Don’t Talk About

Dr. Kathy Koch – Session 8 – Motivation Matters: Start with the Heart

Cheryl Carter – Session 9 – Organize Your Home

Dr. Kathy Koch – Session 9 – Identity: Who Do Your Children Think They Are and Why Does It Matter?

Derek Carter – Session 10 – How to Have a Presence in Your Absence

Cheryl Carter – Session 11 – Inspiring the Writer in Your Child

Glenn Ransom – Session 11 – Kiss Family Devotion Excuses Goodbye!

Dr. Kathy Koch – Session 11 – Technology’s Influence over Beliefs and Behaviors