Debbie Mason and husband, Spencer, have 4 adult children who were homeschooled from birth. Alexa graduated from UNCC and is a homeschooling mother. Scott graduated from Grove City College and Regent School of Law and is a lawyer in the Army. Levi has his master’s and bachelor’s from NC State and is a computer engineer. Mereda graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and is a mother and fiction writer. An NCHE board member since 1988, Debbie is the NCHE events director and has coordinated the NCHE conference speakers/workshops since 1990. She was the editor of the GREENHOUSE from 1995-2015. She directed a large homeschool support group for over 22 years. Debbie has a BS in secondary education, mathematics and a MEd in counseling.

Amanda Wares is married to Michael and has four children, ages thirteen to twenty-five. This is their seventeenth year homeschooling and her twelfth year on the NCHE board, where she currently serves as homeschool helps director. In addition to her roles as wife and stay-at-home mom/teacher, Amanda also serves on the board of her local homeschool group. In all her spare time, she loves to read, plan field trips and encourage new homeschoolers!


Required Annual Homeschool

Testing Webinar


This webinar was given on March 12, 2021. If you’d like to watch a recording of the webinar, please sign up below and you will receive an email with a link to the video. Be sure and download the webinar guide as well!

The state of North Carolina requires homeschool parents to give their children a nationally standardized achievement test each year. Here are common questions that many homeschool parents are asking:

  • What exactly does NC law require regarding testing?
  • What tests are commonly used by NC homeschoolers?
  • Where do I get tests?
  • How do I pick the right test?
  • What if I’m trying to test a special needs student?

Two experienced moms and homeschool leaders, Debbie Mason and Amanda Wares, answer all these questions and more!

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