22 Jan 2014

The NCHE Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) Cross Country Championships ended with the closest race in our history in the boys division with only 0.53 seconds separating first and second place. James Dorris of the Asheville Trailblazers passed Hunter Sawyers of the Surry Runnin’ Patriots on the final 100 yards of the 5k course to claim the championship with a rain-slowed time of 18:22.38. In the girls division, Nan Gordon of the Forsyth Hawks bested teammate Leslie Woodley by 12 seconds and finished at 20:31.57.  Both the girls and boys division team championships were won by the Forsyth Hawks.

The top five times in the boys and girls divisions for individuals are listed below.


1—James Dorris, Asheville, 18:22.38

2—Hunter Sawyers, Surry, 18:22.91

3—Austin Garner, High Point, 18:59.66

4—David Hamilton, Forsyth, 19:06.35

5—Quinn Jenkins, Forsyth, 19:07.43


1—Nan Gordon, Forsyth, 20:31.57

2—Leslie Woodley, Forsyth, 20:43.38

3—Anna Hamilton, Forsyth, 21:45.82

4—Kenzie Collins, Forsyth, 22:47.62

5—Krissa Hill, Surry, 22:54.68

The team championship results were:


1—Forsyth, 27 points

2—Asheville, 48 points

3—High Point, 57 points


1—Forsyth, 16 points

2—Asheville, 52 points

3—Chatham, 84 points (won on a tie breaker)

4—Surry, 84 points