26 Jun 2013

My family and I attended the recent NCHE Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) regional and state basketball tournaments. As always we found this to be a fun experience for the whole family. The NCHEAC does a great job putting together the basketball tournaments as well as those for other sports. Like everything done by NCHE, these events are planned and manned by volunteers who have a passion for what they do. These volunteers work hundreds of behind-the-scenes hours throughout the year keeping the events organized and run professionally. My family as well as hundreds of others has benefited from the efforts of the NCHEAC volunteers.

This article isn’t intended to be just an endorsement for the NCHEAC, but an encouragement to you to see the benefits of these events beyond the obvious. The regular season games and post-season tournaments aren’t just for the players and their families. They can be an opportunity for homeschool children to connect with other homeschoolers, whether or not they participate on the teams. The games are an opportunity for the homeschool community in each area to meet other families with common interests in many areas, including sports. Over the years and through participation in three sports, our family has benefited from being part of sports teams affiliated with the NCHEAC. We have also become good friends with many families, and those friendships have lasted long after our kids played their final game together.

We are fortunate to have these sports opportunities for homeschooling families in our state. Many other states would love to have what we have. Of course not all areas of the state have teams of all the given sports yet. This could be an opportunity for you to come alongside other homeschool families to form a team. Some participation does not require a team. Individual sports such as cross country and swimming require little in the way of resources and as few as one participant.

The point is: homeschooling is about families—families coming together to attempt to provide the best opportunities for their children. I challenge you to look in your area to see where you can come together with other homeschool families, whether it is through sports or some other avenue, to encourage one another, provide support and walk together on this challenging but rewarding journey called homeschooling.

If you want more information on the various sports and teams in each area you can go to NCHEAC.com.

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galatians 6:9