One way that we disciple and train our children is through the practice of regular family worship. Some have called family worship a “neglected grace.” Making the time to read scripture, pray together and sing some praise songs to God is a powerful and simple tool to encourage your children towards godliness. Just like interest compounds in an investment account over time, regular deposits of family worship time can be a means to build spiritual wealth into your whole family. Come hear more!

Shawn Curtis is from Rochester, NY, and married his best friend, Sara, when they were 19 years old. They now have a “small” family of seven children whom they home educate together. The Curtis family have been members at Antioch Community Church in Elon since 2013. Shawn joined the US Navy shortly after his 18th birthday. After graduating from Auburn University with a BS degree in Chemistry, he commissioned and served as a Submarine Warfare Officer. The best and most challenging days of his 12-year naval career were spent underway onboard the USS Nevada. Shawn values and practices the spiritual disciplines of memorizing and praying through scripture and tries to daily live by a treasured maxim of his own father: “Steward each day with your eyes on that Day.” (see 1 Peter 1:13).

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