So often we hear the phrase: College isn’t for everyone! This is true! However, as an educational community, we seem to have forgotten those students who really don’t want to transition to a 4-year degree. The good news is there is a world of opportunity for those students, especially if they make good use of their community college resources and the freedom of homeschooling. In this workshop learn how to help your student who wants to explore other options. Diane will focus on how the community college system can be a valuable resource to those students and set them a career path.

Diane Allen currently works as an educational consultant, speaker and writer after homeschooling for 23 years, serving the homeschool community and serving as a past director of the DNPE (2016-2018). Having been a classroom science teacher, a homeschool mom, support group leader, test administrator and director of a government agency, she has a broad view of educational issues. She and her husband graduated three children from homeschool, serve at their church and generally enjoy the benefits of being grandparents.

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