Weaving literature into a child’s language arts studies helps them develop essential writing, critical thinking and communication skills. When we blend literature and writing, we get back to the basics of quality education. If you are looking for practical, creative language arts instruction, come learn how to get the most out of a book.

Kris Cordell and her husband homeschooled their four children from 1992 through 2014. It was a journey to be sure, and she would not trade it for anything. She is eternally grateful for the quality time they had together as a family all those years. They have forgotten many of the challenges and tough times and choose to remember the “fun” and the “funny”—there was plenty of both. Kris chose to “stick to the basics” when it came to choosing instructional materials and methods. She chose to give her children a solid foundation in reading, writing and arithmetic and allowed them to work independently while she made sure they made necessary progress. They studied some subjects, such as history, art, music and Bible, together, and they made sure to include quality “play-time” in their daily routine. Kris recognizes the beauty of variety, and this applies to the homeschool community as well.

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