What does it mean to be gifted? What are some tips for homeschooling my gifted child? How can a gifted student benefit from homeschooling? If these are your questions, join me for a discussion of these issues and more!

Jessica Embry is a homeschool mom and teacher who is passionate about education and helping others succeed in their own homeschooling journey. She offers educational consulting and community classes for parents to share her love of homeschooling with others. Jessica has been a private tutor since 1995 and has been teaching homeschool classes since 1997. Jessica was also homeschooled as a teen along with her three siblings. She holds her master’s in education. She also has a B.A. from Salem College, double majoring in English and chemistry with a minor in math. She currently homeschools her three children. With over twenty years of homeschooling experience, Jessica still loves learning more!

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