Dinosaurs! Kids (and adults) love them. Consequently, they’ve become prime secularist bait to reel people, especially children, into an evolutionary worldview. Unfortunately, most Christians are at a loss as to how to respond and are in desperate need of answers. When we stand anchored on God’s Word, we have them!

Bryan Osborne graduated from Bryan College with a B.A. in biblical studies and received his master’s in education from Lee University. For thirteen years, Bryan taught Bible history in a public school and for nearly twenty years he has been teaching Christians to defend their faith. Bryan's love of the gospel and passion for revealing the truth of God's Word is contagious! As an expert in the use of exciting, apologetics-based evangelism and chronological Bible teaching, this former athlete connects with audiences through real-life stories, plus facts that confirm the truth of the Bible. You will love his practical, cutting-edge talks that reveal the importance of apologetics in evangelism and in equipping today's youth and families.

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