NCHE Chess Network

Mid-Winter Day of Play/Tournament

February 1, 2020, 1 pm


Pre-Registration Required

Learning chess?  Here’s the perfect way to spend a winter afternoon advancing your game!  The NCHE Chess Network invites you to participate in a Day of Play/Tournament.  You can play as many games as you want!  You’ll have the opportunity to challenge your skills and, if you wish to compete, to advance through tournament style bracketing.


  1.  Who can play?  The Mid-Winter Day of Play/Tournament is designed for students 5 and older.
  2.  My child is new to chess.  Can he play, too?  Players should know how the pieces move, including the details associated with castling, checking the King, promoting a pawn, and capturing “en passant.” Players should be able to recognize an illegal move, as well as checkmate and stalemate.   He should know how a Knight moves, or what is meant by “checkmate.”  Please be certain that your child can play an entire game correctly according to the rules of chess before signing up.
  3. Will my elementary-age student have to play high schoolers?  Depending on numbers of students of different ages, there will be at least 2, probably 3, separate age-level groups. An elementary student would be in a different section than a high school student. However, the top students in each group might have a playoff for the overall Tournament Champion.
  4. How do you pair players?  In general, we will attempt to pair players with equal scores when possible, and also to equalize color allocations.  This is a “Rapid Pairing Chess” tournament, which means that each child plays a game, comes to the Tournament Director (TD) when finished, and will be paired up with another player as soon as one with similar scores has finished his or her game. Because of the need to match players with similar scores, there may be some wait time for players between games.
  5. Am I going to be required to keep score?  Scorekeeping (chess notation) will not be required, and we will not be furnishing score sheets, pens or pencils. Players may elect to keep score if they so choose, but they will need to bring their own scorekeeping equipment and must be able to notate their games without slowing down play.
  6. Will timers be used?  No.
  7. What is the exact location of the Mid-Winter Day of Play/Tournament? Hillcrest Baptist Church, 9856 McNeil Road, Kernersville, NC.
  8. Are there awards?  A trophy will be awarded to first place winners in each category. Certificates will be given to 2nd and 3rd place winners.
  9. What is the cost to participate?  The fee for the first child in the family is $13.  Registration for each additional sibling is $10. Registration is transferable to another player for the same day but is not refundable.
  10. What is the registration deadline? January 30, 2020, 11:59 p.m.
  11. How do I sign up? Submit the form below.