In Danville, there are 104 days of summer vacation, and no one has more game than the Flynn-Fletcher family of the hit cartoon series “Phineas and Ferb.” So if you have no idea what you’re going to do today, you’re in luck. Find a colossal list of backyard projects when you follow us on Pinterest at @nche1984.

Projects include:

Build a Rocket
Find directions to build rockets of all sizes. Discuss space missions, Katherine Johnson and the hidden figures of NASA, and the future of space travel.

Fight a Mummy
Ancient Egyptians weren’t the only people to mummify. Research the how, where, and why of mummification, and make a few mummy crafts.

Climb the Eiffel Tower
Build Eiffel Tower models of all sizes!

Discover Something that Doesn’t Exist (or Does It?)
Find everything you need to go on a scavenger hunt looking for Bigfoot. Discuss myths, legends, and tall tales.

Give a Monkey a Shower
Watch what is, quite possibly, the cutest video you’ve ever seen! Go behind the scenes to see an orphaned baby monkey’s journey to a new life.

Surf Tidal Waves
Learn all about the events that cause tidal waves, and build a working model.

Create Nanobots
Speaking of working models, watch batteries and toothbrush heads make the funniest nanobots you’ve ever seen. Get the DIY instructions!

Locate Frankenstein’s Brain
These silly crafts are not as gross as they sound.

Find a Dodo Bird
Make dodo bird masks, and practice what you think they could have sounded like.

Paint a Continent
Have fun painting all seven continents. The kids don’t have to know that this is a geography lesson!

If you try one of these projects, be sure to send a picture of your family to You could be featured in the fall issue of GREENHOUSE magazine.