Here in North Carolina, the daily temperatures can really fluctuate. I’ve always heard that when there are tank tops and turtlenecks in the same load of laundry, you’re bound to catch a cold.  Sure enough, the cold hit our home earlier this week. When I posted a prayer request for my congestion, a homeschool friend and mentor replied, “Go to Michelle! Ask her for some tea!” So I called Michelle, explained the situation, and she invited me to her home.

What struck me when I walked into Michelle’s home was that she had an entire room that was devoted to helping others.  I saw a vision board, framed newspaper articles of her friends’ achievements, and a variety of goods for health and well-being.  She had the time to invite me over, sit down, and talk with me. She listened and thoughtfully processed what I said. She encouraged me.  She was confident in what she knew, and confident that God had called her to use her gifts to help others.

A beautiful home, a devoted husband, loving children, health, peace, and a God-given purpose:  most of us would agree that Michelle embodied a woman who has it all—and she has it at HOME. As I left with my tea, I really left with so much MORE than tea.  For my entire drive home, I felt peace. It was peace that had been imparted to me through having been in her peaceful company. I felt so grateful to God for showing me someone who embodied His peace.  What an amazing thought it is that we, as home educators, might have the ability to bring peace into this world simply by having peace and the time to invite others into our homes.