Agape Center for Environmental Education
Monday, September 25, 2023
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Located on 624 acres of beautiful rolling hills, cascading streams, and diverse forests, Camp Agapé is located just less than an hour’s drive from downtown Raleigh. This unique and secluded setting, provides a special “time and place-apart” that lends itself perfectly to small group experiences like our field trip.  Our day will start with arrival between 9:15 and 9:30 with classes ending by 2.  Environmental Educators are designing experiences based on student ages, with no more than 15 students per experience group.

K-2nd students:  ABC Ecosystems:  while taking a hike, kids will investigate the characteristics of living and non-living things and their environments–in an alphabetical way.
Animal Adaptations:  interactive game learning will focus on physical and behavioral adaptations of animals.
Insects and Other Invertebrates: Collect critters (insects, arachnids and more) and learn about each one.
Survival Skills: kids will be taught about what to do if they get lost in the woods including building a simple shelter.

3rd-6th students: Food Web and Pondlife:  Learn about the aquatic food web.  Collect critters and learn about each one and its role in the food web. May also focus on adaptations or lifecycles.
Survival Skills:  Learn outdoor survival preparedness. Build a debris shelter and fire-building.
Tree Lifecycle:  From seed to mature tree and back to soil, follow the clues through on a forested trail to explore the tree lifecycle.

7th-8th students: Water quality:  Students will spend the day at a stream and at a pond using scientific test kits (provided) to determine water quality of the pond and/or stream. Abiotic tests include dissolved oxygen,                               pH, nitrates, phosphates, alkalinity, turbidity, and temperature. The Biotic Index is used to classify collected macroinvertebrates.  Comparisons will be made between collected stream and pond data.

This will be an out-of-the house field trip full of experiences not likely to be done at home!  This is a rain or shine field trip. Kids may get wet/messy during their activities, so please plan attire accordingly.


All K-8 students:  $16.70
Parents:  Free
Pre-K:  Free

Tickets may be purchased until 12:00 NOON on Friday, September 22, 2023 or while supply lasts.  Class size must be 10-15 (so if I have 16-19 kids register in an age group there’d be a problem; but if 20 register in an age group, ACE will divide the kids into 2 classes.)  Check-in will be between 9:15 and 9:30 a.m.  Tickets are transferable to others for the same day but are non-refundable. 

NOTE:  A limited number of parents (approximately 3/group of 15 students) are asked to chaperone each class.  If you are available to help as a chaperone, please indicate in the registration form below (best not to volunteer if you will have a preschooler with you.)  You may or may not be assigned to the class your child is in.  There is a sheltered picnic area or you are welcome to walk around the grounds while your student is in class.