NCHE Diploma


NCHE prints a distinctive homeschool diploma enclosed in a hunter green cover. This is a diploma issued by your school for your student and prepared by NCHE. This diploma includes the student’s name, school name and graduation date. The homeschool chief administrator will be responsible for signing the diploma to certify that the student has completed high school.

This is for the diploma only. If you are going to participate in the NCHE graduation in the spring, don’t order a diploma here. A diploma is included in the graduation package.

Diplomas can be ordered year-round.  Before the diploma is printed, a proof will be emailed. Enter into your contact list. This will improve the chances that the email will arrive in your inbox. Diplomas will be shipped within four weeks of receipt of payment and approval of the proof.

Price is $55, which includes shipping and handling

There are two options for ordering your diploma. Diplomas for member families will have the president’s signature, the NCHE seal and an NCHE diploma cover. Diplomas for non-members will not have the president’s signature and NCHE seal, and it will have a plain diploma cover.

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