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SAT and ACT for Homeschoolers

This seminar won't completely prepare you for the SAT or ACT, but it will tell you exactly what you need to do to prepare on your own. For homeschool students, colleges often place more emphasis on standardized tests than they do for their publicly schooled counterparts. I'll tell you where homeschoolers excel, and where they don't—and how to improve your score as efficiently as possible.

Article V and the Convention of States (COS) Project

Once most people understand how our government is supposed to operate under the US Constitution, they wonder just what they can do to help get our federal government back inside the fence of the Constitution. Recently, Michael Farris, founder of Home School Legal Defense Association (and no stranger to homeschoolers around the country) cofounded the Convention of States (COS) Project.

The Biblical Worldview of Government and the US Constitution

Although the Scriptures do not specify exactly how a government must be formed, the principles of civil government are woven throughout the Scriptures. Human government was instituted by God to protect man’s unalienable rights from mankind’s sinful tendencies [Romans 13] and a proper look at the other God ordained institutions reveals the need for government to be limited in scope. This session forms the basis for understanding the biblical worldview of government in order to make the connection to the biblical foundations for our US Constitution and American government.

Homeschool Sports, Are They for You?

This is an introduction to the importance of sports and an overview of what is available in homeschool sports in NC. There will also be some information given about winning scholarships.

Finding the Right College Fit and the Most College Resources; a Homeschool Guide for Parents and Students

With 129 colleges and universities in our state and over 2,900 in our country, the job of finding the right college fit for each homeschool student can become complicated quickly. It helps to have a road map from ninth grade to graduation and a set of guidelines that might guarantee a successful fit as well as the resources to make it cost effective. Condon brings with him the network and contacts to research scholarship awards as well as institutional fit factors.

Fiction as a Weapon in the Culture Wars

Don will discuss how Hollywood has used fiction to undermine societal values and how to write back and fight back.

Dads—Developing a Spiritual Vision for Your Family

Jesse, the father of David, had no vision for his son; while Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, did. In this session, dads will discover how to develop a multigenerational spiritual vision for their sons and daughters that will lead them to say with the Apostle John said, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

Equipping Your Budding Technology Entrepreneur

"It is good for a man to bear the yoke in his youth." (Lam. 3:27) There was a time when older children and younger teens could find work. Child labor laws and other cultural conditions have made that more difficult—or have they? Technology has opened up the world to the budding entrepreneur. Many young people have learned how to build apps that sell in Apple's App Store, have built and run popular web sites and sell Software as a Service.

Does Society Belong to the Government or God?

This session introduces the principles of subsidiarity and sphere sovereignty from the Christian social ethics tradition. The proper role of government will be explored from the Christian tradition in light of the current progressive and socialistic ideologies that dominate current American public policy debates regarding marriage and the family, education, the economy, welfare and more.

What’s the Big Deal about Pornography?

Pornography is more accessible, accepted and aggressive than ever before. It is ahuge problem for young people, including Christian teens. Studies show that viewing porn affects how we view ourselves, other people and God. It even physically changes the structure of the brain and hurts the ability of young people to develop loving, lasting relationships. This session will provide insight, hope and direction for young people to avoid the snare of pornography.