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7 Feb 2018
Jessica Frierson
Fall 2017
In Over Your Head?

Do you feel like you are in over your head? Even after homeschooling for over seventeen years, I still have this experience. Sometimes I feel like my little boy sitting in this great big read chair. This homeschooling thing is so big, and I'm just me!

Encouragement, Support
24 Jan 2018
Dave Dentel
Fall 2017
It All Started with Annie

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Abigail Parker Brown won the talent showcase in Orlando, Florida, and won best overall actress for her performances in commercial, improvisation, and film scenes.


In the Spotlight, Events, Activities
10 Jan 2018
Mari Fitz-Wynn
Fall 2017
Keys to Effectively Communicating with Your Children

We've all learned as adults that communicating with others is not just important, it is necessary. We must communicate, in one way or another, to have our basic needs met, function in a work environment, or interact with our family at home.

Encouragement, Support, Practical Helps, Parenting, Family Life
13 Dec 2017
Evelyn Bickley
Fall 2017
2017 NCHE Scholarship Recipients Announced

Starting in December, the scholarship application process is opened for North Carolina homeschooled seniors whose families are members of NCHE. The application, available on the NCHE website at www.nche.com/nche-scholarship-program, and accompanying required documents allow student to tell us some of the wonderful things they have been doing. Read about our winners from 2017 here.

Scholarships, Graduation, Community
29 Nov 2017
Diane Helfrich
Fall 2017
Dark to Light—Rough to Smooth

Are you having anxiety or questioning your choices? In this article, Diane shares her experiences to give you encouragement!

Encouragement, Family Life, Parenting, Biblical Principles, Back to School
15 Nov 2017
J. Mark Fox
Fall 2017
What's Your Long-Term Vision for Your Family?

What is your vision for your family? Have you ever sat down and written it out?

Encouragement, Faith, Biblical Principles, Family Life, Parenting
1 Nov 2017
Dr. Matthew McDill
Fall 2017
Are You Missing the Greatest Goal for Home Education?

I love homeschooling, and I love North Carolinians for Home Education!

From the President, Encouragement, Faith, Inside NCHE
18 Oct 2017
Fall 2017
2017-2018 NCHE Athletic Tournaments

NCHE Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) operates under North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) to provide leagues and tournaments in the traditional high school sports. Check out this year's schedule!

Sports, Events, Activities
11 Oct 2017
Hal & Melanie Young
Fall 2017
Starting Back to School When You Feel Like a Homeschool Failure

Does thinking about the new school year make you feel kind of sick? Or sad? Are you putting off ordering curriculum, because you really don't want to face how far behind you feel? Do you just dread the whole thing, because you just hadn't done what you'd hoped you would last year?

Encouragement, Support, Back to School, Biblical Principles, Faith
27 Sep 2017
Amanda Garner
Fall 2017
Back to School Blues

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, including summer break. Between unexpected events and a good bit of procrastination, I keep pushing back the start of our new year. It would seem I have a touch of the "back to school blues!"

Encouragement, Back to School, Practical Helps, Beginner
20 Sep 2017
Christina Parker Brown
Fall 2017
Back to (Home) School Ideas: Seven Ways to Encourage Kids to Get Excited

Back-to-school for kids who go to traditional school means back packs, locker chandeliers, and the school list that we spy other moms trying to fill in the local Walmart. These traditions don't always work for those of us who school in our PJs.

Back to School, Practical Helps, Activities
13 Sep 2017
Spencer Mason
Fall 2017
NC DNPE Update

The NC Division for Non-Public Education (DNPE) has implemented a major change in their school database that affects homeschools.

Law & Policy, Beginner, Practical Helps
23 Aug 2017
Jessica Frierson
Spring 2017
When Life Gives You Lemons

In Jessica's sixteen years of homeschooling, she has had very few scheduled field trips. She has, however, enjoyed quite a few spontaneous ones. She has learned over the years to make lemonade when life gave her lemons.

Field Trips, Activities, Vacations, Encouragement
16 Aug 2017
J. Mark Fox
Spring 2017
We Were Fashioned for Faith

One summer night during a severe thunderstorm, a mother was tucking her small son into bed. She was about to turn the light off when he asked in a trembling voice, "Mommy, will you stay with me all night?"

Faith, Biblical Principles, Family Life
9 Aug 2017
Linda Carlson
Spring 2017
How to Introduce Your Preschooler to Money and Banking

Should kids who are still learning how to count be introduced to the grown-up world of money management? Absolutely! It's never too early to start teaching your children about money and the importance of financial responsibility.

Pre-schooler, Activities, Practical Helps, Math
12 Jul 2017
Maritza B. Campbell
Spring 2017
You Can Do It Alone

Since my daughter, Olivia, was born five years ago, I knew I desperately wanted to homeschool her. I was mortified at the options available in my local school system, and my daughter's safety was of my highest concern.

Faith, Biblical Principles, Methods, Encouragement, Support
14 Jun 2017
Daphne Petrey
Spring 2017
Where God Guides, He Provides

When my husband and I discussed having children, we always knew that we would homeschool them. As a child, I had always enjoyed playing school with my dolls and little sister. The opportunity to teach my children at home seemed like a dream, almost too good to be true!

Faith, Biblical Principles, Mothers, Encouragement
31 May 2017
John Kirkland
Graduate 2017
You Graduated. What’s Next? Pursue Your Dreams with Diligence

On behalf of the NCHE board of directors, I offer congratulations to our graduates! A common question directed to graduates is, "What's next after you graduate?"

From the President, Graduation, Preparing for College, Biblical Principles
24 May 2017
Mari Fitz-Wynn
Graduate 2017
Helping Your Student Transition from High School to College

Just as you have taken every opportunity to effectively help your student prepare for each stage of his education, now that your student is heading off to college, there's still a bit more parenting work to do.

Graduation, Family Life, Parenting, Preparing for College
17 May 2017
David and Jason Benham
Graduate 2017
Being Chocolate Chips in the Cookie Dough of Culture

Today, America is not changing from Christian to secular but from secular to pagan. This is the culture in which we now live. So, what are we as Christians supposed to do? How can we live in such a way that we transform the world instead of simply conforming to it?

Encouragement, Graduation, Faith, Biblical Principles, Character
3 May 2017
Dr. Matthew McDill
Spring 2017
Moving from Discipline to Discipleship

The last time my mom tried to spank me, I was just about as big as she was. Of course, my mother is a pretty small lady! As she approached me in the hallway with the discipline utensil, I reasoned with her, "Mom, can't we talk about this?"

Encouragement, Family Life, Parenting, Faith, Biblical Principles, Character
26 Apr 2017
Christina Parker Brown
Spring 2017
How I Embrace Technology in My Homeschool

Over the last sixteen years I have taught my kids using a set curriculum and also curriculum I developed. I am a planner by nature, so I order from the library or purchase supplements to our main curriculum well in advance, making notes even in the summer.

Practical Helps, Methods, Unit Studies
19 Apr 2017
John Kirkland
Spring 2017
This Is Your Year to Come to the Thrive! Conference!

The 2017 homeschool conference season is upon us, and with it comes the big one here in North Carolina. The Thrive!

From the President, Conferences, Encouragement
5 Apr 2017
Spring 2017
Homeschoolers Win Sportsmanship Award at State Robotics Qualifying Event

NC Triad Robotics hosted its very first state-qualifying event on February 4 that included four teams from separate cities in NC.

Events, Sports, Activities
29 Mar 2017
Diane Helfrich
Spring 2017
Is Your Kid’s Flame of Energy Burning Low?

There are so many articles about combating stress for parents, but what about our kids? Diane answers the question, and she shares suggestions for helping your child with burnout.

Encouragement, Parenting, Family Life, Practical Helps
22 Mar 2017
Spring 2017
NCHEAC Volleyball and Soccer Awards Given in Greensboro

In the fall of 2016, North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) held the girls volleyball and boys soccer tournaments in Greensboro.

Sports, Events, Activities
15 Mar 2017
Spring 2017
Hickory Hawks Become 2016 NACA Champs

The Hickory Hawks football team is proud to announce that they are the National Association of Christian Athletics (NACA) 2016 National Football Champions! The Hawks defeated a team from Alabama 35 to 14. During the tournament, a total of thirty-five boys accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Sports, Activities, High School
15 Feb 2017
Amy Sloan
Fall 2016
Podcasts: A Treat for Your Earbuds

If you visit with me you’re sure to hear the words, “I heard on a podcast recently,” come out of my mouth within the first few minutes of our conversation. While in the past many folks followed their favorite blogs, there is now a sweeping move towards keeping up with content through podcasts.

Practical Helps, Media
8 Feb 2017
Dr. Matthew McDill
Fall 2016
Is Your Family Stuck in the Raging River of Busyness?

Sometimes our lives feel like we have been thrown into a rushing river. We are just trying to survive, barely keeping our heads above the water and avoiding the jagged rocks. We have little control over our direction and speed.

Encouragement, Goals, Family Life, Parenting
1 Feb 2017
Rebecca Stevenson
Fall 2016
The Two-Fold Task of Writing

In all my years of teaching experience—as a middle school English teacher in public and private schools, as a high school English teacher in the same, even as a homeschooling mother—the most common questions I receive from parents have been these: 1) How can I teach my child(ren) to write?

Methods, Writing