Dear Graduate Families,

Because of the governor’s new mandates, we are sadly having to cancel the 2020 Thrive! Conference and NCHE Graduation Ceremonies.  We are offering two possibilities for how to handle your graduation ceremony fee (non-taxable portion). You will need to go to 2020 Graduation Refunds and Changes and do one of the following:

  1. We will issue a refund of the non-taxable portion of your graduation fees.
  2. You can donate the non-taxable portion of your fee to NCHE. Please consider this option since, as you can imagine, losing the income from the conference and graduation, while already having spent money on this event, will be a hard financial hit. (You can also request a refund and donate a different amount on our donation page.)

You will also be able to let us know if you’d like to change the date on the diploma and make sure we have the correct address for mailing.  You will have until July 17 to choose between these options and change the date. After this date we will assume you prefer a refund and need no changes. 

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