Thank you for registering for the 2020 Thrive! Conference! It is a great disappointment to have to inform you today that we must cancel the conference for this year. We do not want to cancel, of course, but because of the governor’s new mandates, there is no way to have the conference. We are offering three possibilities for how to handle your registration fee.

  1. You can receive a full refund of your registration fee. If we issue a refund, your NCHE membership that comes with your conference registration will be cancelled. However, you can make sure that you keep your membership current by renewing here.
  2. You can transfer your 2020 registration to the 2021 Thrive! Conference, May 27-29. We are planning a fantastic conference for 2021! If you choose this option, your membership will end one year from the time that you registered for the 2020 conference. We’ll send you a reminder, and you can renew at that time.
  3. You can donate your registration fee to NCHE. As you can imagine, losing the income from the conference and with the money we already spent on planning, it will be a hard financial hit. You can help us continue to help parents homeschool with confidence and joy by donating your registration fee. If you choose this option, you will automatically keep your membership.

기입해 주십시오 this form to tell us what you want us to do with your registration fee. We will allow 3 weeks to fill out this form. After July 17, we will send a refund to all who haven’t filled out the form.