Racism is a fairly specific term that refers to those who believe that one race is superior to another. Many of us who do not believe that one race is superior to another may have struggled with prejudice at one time or another. By prejudice I mean that we do not treat those who are different from us with love and dignity. Whether we are talking about racism or prejudice, it is always wrong to mistreat others. 

There are at least two ways that I believe racism is an important homeschooling topic. The first is that education plays an important role in eradicating racism and the second is that the homeschool movement is a community in which we do not want racism to exist.


Racism and Education

Quality education is a key aspect to change. As homeschool parents, we take the education of our children seriously. In addition, most of us understand our homeschool lifestyle to encompass much more than formal education. We desire also to teach our children principles of virtue, to develop character, and to raise people who love and serve others. 

We can play a role in our homeschool families to continue to work to establish a nation in which all people are treated with love and respect. The most basic thing we can do is to teach our children the dignity of all human life created in the image of God. We can teach and show that the most basic way that we can love God is to love those around us. We can talk to them about the events that are taking place right now and help them understand humanity’s struggle with fear, selfishness, pride, and prejudice. We can also raise citizens who are well educated in history and politics. Understanding the historical context of racial relations and the principles and function of public policy will prepare our children to lead our nation.


The Homeschool Community

The homeschool movement is composed of regional and local communities. We are united by an educational strategy and lifestyle. As a unique community, we have the opportunity and responsibility to make sure that we are a group of people who treat those inside and outside our community with love and respect. We can work to make sure that we are a community that values racial, cultural, and religious diversity. 

North Carolinians for Home Education exists to help parents homeschool with confidence and joy. As we work to accomplish this mission, we can take hold of this cultural moment to reflect on how we are preparing our children to live lives of love and how we can make sure that the homeschool movement grows into a community of love and acceptance of all.


What Can We Do?

  1. We can search our own hearts for prejudice and fear.
  2. We can educate ourselves on the experience and viewpoints of others. 
  3. We can talk with our children about racism and prejudice. 
  4. We can teach and exemplify to our children the importance of treating others with dignity and respect. 
  5. We can take steps to broaden our relationships and communities to include those who are not like us. 

– Matthew McDill, June 6, 2020