ear rectors of Admissi,

North Carolinians for Home Educaton (NCHE) woud like to nvte you to particpate n the Coege Far at our 2019 hrive! he NCHE Homeschoo Conference. Our far wil be hed at the Twin City Quarter (Benton Convention Center, Embassy Suites, and Marriott) n Winston-Saem, North Carona on Frday, May 312019, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 大号ast year about 6,600 attendees, incuding many teenagers, attended our threeday conference. We have seected Frday, which generay has the hghest attendance, to be our Coege Far day.

An area wil be desgnated for the coege and unversity representatves to meet nterested parents and students. he $85.00 fee ncludes one 8foot tabe and a turkey sandwich for lunch.

If you have a booth in the vendor hall, you will automatically get a table in the College Fair. You do not need to fill out this application. You need to agree to man a table n the Coege Far on Frday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. For ths purpose, you have permisson to eave the booth n the vendor ha n order to cover the booth n the Coege Far. You will not get the lunch automatically. You will have the opportunity to order a lunch with your vendor application.

Pease submit or return  form and payment noater than the deadline of ​Apr 15, 2019.

 We hope that you wil pan to be with us!

ebbe Mason
Events rector