Don’t get stressed walking through the vendor hall! Unit studies, classical, traditional, unschooling, relaxed, eclectic—what are all of these approaches to homeschooling, anyway? How is a parent to choose? “I bought the wrong curriculum.” “It’s not working.” “I hate it!” “My friend says that other curriculum is the one.” What do I do? We’ll try to demystify the curriculum jungle and equip you to find the best pathway through it for you and your family—and to enjoy the process!

马尔吉麦克尔文 和丈夫瑞克在 4 个州接受了 26 年的家庭教育,现在作为家庭教育家长正式退休。他们的6个孩子都从家庭学校毕业,一半是大学毕业生或学生或工作。 Marji 的心愿是在家庭学校的旅程中鼓励其他家长。她在亨德森县家庭学校协会的董事会任职 20 年,在 WNC 管理 Woodcock-Johnson 测试,并通过 Master's Mark Academics、Luma Learn、BBC tutorials 和 Classical Scholars Tutorials 在线和面对面地教授在家上学的学生。 Marji 还辅导有阅读困难的学生。她对外语、科学、写作、历史以及,哦,上帝令人难以置信的整个创造充满热情,并与她自己的孩子和我们在家上学社区的其他人分享这些科目的快乐。