Diane Allen, DNPE Director, homeschooled for twenty-three years and graduated three students into college. Imagine her surprise when she learned she had made several common mistakes in maintaining her student’s homeschool records. After talking with college admission offices, military recruiters, FBI agents and verification services, she revised her graduate transcripts and prepared a “proper academic record.” In this workshop, she shares her mistakes and how to prevent future complications by outlining the Basic Rules of a Record Retention for homeschool students. (We are seeing a trend towards high school records being required during the hiring process years after graduation.)

黛安·艾伦 作为课堂科学老师开始了她的教育之旅。在转变为全职妈妈后,她在 21 年的时间里让 3 个孩子在家上学直至毕业,同时还通过合作社服务于家庭学校社区,成为一名测试提供者和一名在线教师。她很幸运有机会在 2016-2018 年担任 NC DNPE 主任,目前在一所大学示范学校担任项目支持主任。她和她的丈夫热爱小镇生活,并与他们的 4 个孙辈建立良好的关系。